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Trijicon SRS Sights

Trijicon SRS sights are rugged reflex sights that incorporate a larger aperture for maximum situational awareness. Essentially, big help in a small package. The SRS sights are some of the most unique and inventive sights you can possibly hope to find on any kind of gun, let alone a high-powered rifle. Trijicon has outdone itself once again!

Trijicon RMR Review

Our Trijicon RMR review will teach you all about this remarkable red dot sight, which comes in both LED and tritium/fiber-optic options. No matter the user, regardless of age, gender, or experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a firearm fan who didn’t fall in love with the RMR after first use – read all about it now!

Trijicon Reflex

A sight like the Trijicon Reflex is perfect for CQB, because it provides pinpoint accuracy, and fast. Lift your rifle, aim, and take the shot. Rated as one of the very best reflex sights available, this offering from Trijicon – a company that really knows its way around sights and reflex sights in general – is one of the finest options available for rifle owners.

Trijicon MRO

The Trijicon MRO is the latest in Trijicon’s line of revolutionary reflex sights. It is definitely one of the finest reflex sights on the market today. Servicing gun users of all ages and experience levels, the MRO is one of the very best accessories made by the world-class Trijicon – read all about it in our comprehensive feature right here at Gunivore.

Three Gun Competition Scopes

People always think of holster, ear and eye protection, and ammo, but don’t forget the importance of accessories such as three gun competition scopes. Multi-Gun competitions are some of the most exciting and competitive challenges that a gun competitor can undertake – only the best generally try. Make sure you have the right equipment with you if you want to face a challenge like this!