The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2

These EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2 series of sights offer more reticle options and more compact package, but what are the Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2? EOTech makes a distinctive and diverse line of sights and reticle options, but no two options are the same – in this feature we clear up the differences between […]

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The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and 512

The difference between EOtech XPS2 and 512 is minute. These two sights are similar in a lot of ways and they were even engineered with similar advantages. However, these two EOTech offerings are not without difference, advantages, and disadvantages – check out our new comparison feature to learn all about the difference between the EOTech […]

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The Difference Between EOTech 512 and 552

EOTech accessories have many satisfied users – however, they do sometimes inspire some friendly debate as to which EOTech products are sitting at the top of the food chain. People are constantly asking what is the difference between EOTech 512 and 552 and which one they should go for – we give you the rundown […]

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EOTech XPS2 Model Review

We cover a lot of EOTech products here at Gunivore – it is a world class firearm accessories purveyor, afterall. We’ve never covered an EOTech product that is quite like the XPS2, however – this is a special kind of EOTech product.The EOTech XPS2 model was one of the shortest, smallest, and lightest of the […]

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EOTech EXPS2 Review

Table of Contents Technical Specifications The Convenience of Operating an EOTech EOTech has been making optics for firearms since the mid-90s, and they are considered one of the top optics companies in the world. Their holographic weapon sight (HWS) series has been well-received by civilians and military personnel. With every new installment or addition to […]

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EOTech Magnifier Review: EOTech Gets Magnified!

The EOTech G33.STS is the 3rd generation EOTech magnifier. STS stands for “switch to side”, referring to the way in which the magnifier mount operates. From the history of this magnifier, to specs, and more, we cover all things related to this little beauty of an accessory in our brand new EOSTech Magnifier feature. Check […]

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EOTech 518 Review

The EOTech family is a large, diverse, and enjoyable one. With a plethora of options to choose from which include different features and characteristics, EOTech has it covered. One of their products, the HWS Eotech 518 piqued the interest of many shooters and enthusiasts. It is a slick and slim package, which features a 65 […]

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EOTech 512 Review 2018: Let’s Get Technical

When it comes to optics and sights in the gun game, there are just so many different kinds of options available that it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Our latest feature, however, highlights one of the best options out there. The EOTech 512 is designed for close to mid-range encounters. It […]

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EOTech Laser Battery Cap Review

EOTech has several drop in replacements for their holographic weapons sight (HWS) series, and the most popular drop-ins include EOTech Laser Battery Cap. Check out our brand new feature on this acclaimed and useful battery cap to learn all of the ins and outs of one of EOTech’s most practical accessories.

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EOTech 552 Review

When it comes to gun owners, you know most love tricking out their guns for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and fun. EOTech is one of the best providers for accessories, and especially sights, for these purposes. The EOTech 552 sight is meant for close to mid-range encounters, and it works like any other holographic sight – […]

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