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The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2

These EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2 series of sights offer more reticle options and more compact package, but what are the Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2? EOTech makes a distinctive and diverse line of sights and reticle options, but no two options are the same – in this feature we clear up the differences between […]

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The Difference Between EOTech 512 and 552

EOTech accessories have many satisfied users – however, they do sometimes inspire some friendly debate as to which EOTech products are sitting at the top of the food chain. People are constantly asking what is the difference between EOTech 512 and 552 and which one they should go for – we give you the rundown […]

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EOTech XPS2 Model Review

We cover a lot of EOTech products here at Gunivore – it is a world class firearm accessories purveyor, afterall. We’ve never covered an EOTech product that is quite like the XPS2, however – this is a special kind of EOTech product.The EOTech XPS2 model was one of the shortest, smallest, and lightest of the […]

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Non-Magnifying Laser Sights for Firearms

The concept behind non-magnifying laser sights for firearms is much more straightforward than that of reflex and holographic sights. Although all sights are intended to enhance the experience of the shooter and make target identification easier, non-magnifying laser sights go about this in a slightly different way, which we cover extensively in our new feature. […]

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