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  1. Can anyone give me the history of a Benelli Dynamic limited edition Shotgun. Beautiful limited edition shotgun gun which could be purchased in either 12 or 20 guage

  2. I’m unable to find: 1. The differences in: the 100, 200, and 300 grades of CMMG rifles in 7.62×39,
    300 Creedmore, and .308 calibers.
    2. Is the MK47 Mutant a pistol only ?
    3. Why do CMMG and most other firearm manufacturers advertise and promote their products as if they have mile long trains full of all their products but in fact are SOLD OUT !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    What is the best 7.62×39 ammo without the sticky stuff on the shell or mfg’d with brass shells
    in both hollow point or armor piercing ?
    Does CMMG offer anything in 10 mm to compete with Criss or other Mfr’s
    Thanks for your forum. {:o|

    1. Hi there,
      1. The differences between the 100-300 series are minute and it’s all relevant to your preferences. CMMG has a compare tool so you can see the 100 vs 200 vs 300 side by side.
      2. CMMG does offer the MK47 in rifles like the Resolute series.
      3. I understand the frustration. With shortages all over the place I think they are just trying to stay relevant and hope you will pre-order or keep them in mind.
      It’s not so easy to find that type of ammo but you can check out Golden Bear for brass plated HP rounds.
      The closest round they have to 10mm is probably their .40S&W firearms

  3. Any thoughts on Iron Horse Firearms? I’m considering purchasing their new BLACKWATER-collaboration reciever and would like to know where their build quality sits among the competition. Thanks!

    (Your post reviewing Faxon was very helpful -I plan to buy their ARAK upper later this year.)

    1. Hello sir, thank you for reaching out and sharing your kind words. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance the review Iron Horse so I really don’t know much about their products.

  4. Astonished to find no review of the compact S&W Shield series in your otherwise extensive and well- done reviews. For the .45 devotee, the .45 Shield is an exceptionally lucid CCW choice. if it because someone hasn’t offered to write one, feel free to contact me. I’ve carried mine almost daily since they hit the stores, a welcome improvement in concealability and portability after years of 1911 and HK USP Compact carry. Wrap some Hogue grips around that rascal for optimal palm fill, add Trijicon sights for max viz and you’ve got yourself a superb carry piece that will do it’s duty through all of the rounds you can afford to feed it. I’d put it against any compact firearm on the market today.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you so much for letting us know. My brother owns one so I’ll give it a go and hopefully get a review up shortly!

  5. Where can I buy the mag release lever I have a gen 1 mod 17 have used it around 15 + years (cleveland police) retired 41 yrs still have to qualify each year, having trouble releasing mag this would be great help this is not my cow weapon

    1. Hi Ken,
      We currently don’t distribute any merchandise, but glockstore.com is usually the best place to find Glock parts and accessories.
      Good luck and thank you for your service!

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