Monthly Archive: October 2015

Glock 19 Fiber Optic and Tritium Sights Review 2017

Of the various glock 19 accessories out on the market, reliable sights – both fiber optic and tritium sights are good options – can make all the difference. Learn all about Fiber Optic and Tritium sights here in our Glock 19 feature! From quality to size to reliability, we’ve got it all covered,

Gunnar Computer glasses review

Gunnar Computer Glasses Review 2017: First Class Protection

Have you ever wondered what computer glasses are? Or if they really work? One of the most popular forms of eye protection has surprising tie-in’s to both the gun and the computer industry! Check out our gunnar computer glasses review to find out! Only at

Glock 19 Finishes

The Many Different Glock 19 Finishes

Wondering how to tell your Glock 19 models apart? Want to learn more about the Glock 19 in general? You’ve come to the right place – our feature on the different finishes of the Glock 19! Check out this article to learn more about Glock 19 guns and their different finishes.

Top 10 Glock 19 Holsters

Now that we’re a little more acquainted general accessories for the Glock, it’s time to focus our attention on the best Glock 19 holsters on the market. Check out our Top-10 list of the best Glock 19 holsters to find out which one can work best for you.

Top 10 Glock 19 Accessories

The Glock 19 is one of the most popular semi-autos in the world, but we wanted to know what users can do to take their G19 to the next level.