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Fast Five: Top Rimfire Rifles

Rimfire Rifles are making a comeback and there are a few firearms you don’t want to miss out on – Check out our favorites here!

Fast Five: Top 50 BMG Rifles

50 BMG is the powerful rifle cartridge of the century – Join us as we take a look at the long-range caliber and the top 50 BMG firearms.

Fast Five: Top Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloaders may not be the most modern rifles out there, but there is something appealing about blending traditional firearms with upgraded performance.

Fast Five: Best 22LR Pistols

There are many reasons to add a 22LR pistol to your repertoire – Join us to find out our picks for the best of the best in today’s market.

Fast Five: Best AR 15 Bipods

Bipods aren’t as simple as they look. Join us as we compare and contrast the best bipods on the market in order to give you that extra edge in the field.