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Ruger Mini-14 Semi-Automatic Rifle Review 2018

Just because it’s called the Mini-14 doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack some punch – check out our Ruger Mini-14 Semi-Automatic Rifle Review here at Gunivore.

FN FAL Semi-Automatic Rifle Review 2018

You can’t talk rifles without talking about the FAL. Check out our FN FAL Semi-Automatic Rifle Review to learn all about this legendary gun.

Ruger SR 556 & AR 556 Rifle Review 2018

Looking for the perfect Ruger rifle? The SR and AR 556 are two of the best! Check out our Ruger SR 556 & AR 556 Rifle Review here at Gunivore!

FN SCAR Rifle Overview and Review 2018

Here at Gunivore, we know legendary rifles. The SCAR is one of the most legendary guns of all-time, and for good reason, as we cover here in our FN Scar Rifle Overview and Review.

Gen 1 Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Review

Gen 1 Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Review

There’s nothing quite like a Kel-Tec gun. One of the leading gun manufacturers in the world, Kel-Tec has established footing as a firearm market leader thanks to their high quality guns. In the market for a unique carbine? Our Gen 1 Kel Tec Sub 2000 Review takes a look at one of the most original and portable designed carbine on the market

3XMag in action

3Xmag Aimpoint Magnifier Review

The gun accessory game keeps seeing its bar being raised by inventive and daring gun accessory manufacturers like Aimpoint. One of these innovations – the 3Xmag Magnifier represents one of the best of these innovations In this 3XMag Aimpoint Magnifier Review we’ll take a look at a revolutionary gun accessory that is taken gun magnifiers to the next level.

Aimpoint CompM3

Aimpoint Comp M3 Review

An absolutely top-notch firearm accessory company, Aimpoint offers quality and effectiveness in all of its sights and accessories, However, the M3 could just stand above the rest. The Aimpoint Comp M3 is one of the greatest red dot reflex sights ever invented. Aimpoint Comp M3 is respected by military organizations all over the world.

Aimpoint Comp M4 Sight Review

Aimpoint Comp M4 Sight Review

The Aimpoint Comp M4 sight is in my opinion and in many others’, one of the finest sights ever to be invented. A feature that sets it apart is battery life, and there are a number of other features and specifications that go into making it one of the most celebrated M4 sights ever – quite simply, a monumental achievement from Aimpoint.

featured eotech vudu

EOTech Vudu Scopes for Rifles Review 2018

In combat, you need to see the enemy before he sees you. When your life is on the line, every single advantage can make all of the difference in the world, and EOTech’s new Scopes certainly provide a heck of an advantage for gun owners. Every shot counts, and the new EOTech Vudu scopes for rifles will help your bullet hit its mark.