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Radical Firearms (RF) is an up-and-coming Title II NFA gun manufacturer that is slowly but surely making big moves in the industry. The Texas-based gunmaker is not just some budget assembly shop either, they produce some seriously sweet rifles and other firearm equipment. In fact, their growing collection now includes pistols, shotguns, machine guns, bolt guns, suppressors, and AR uppers.

Radical also is not afraid of showing their true colors. They have no reservations about being American Made, Texas Proud or for their military veteran hiring preference. This company is what American gun manufacturing is all about. To top it all off, RF is even a great underdog story. It began as a small little hobby shop, eventually added CNC machines, and now receives up to 400 orders a day. Besides for picky gun enthusiasts, Radical proudly makes firearms for military/law enforcement, competition shooters, and anybody looking for affordable custom-quality products. Although many people doubt the quality of their guns because of their low prices, but Radical has taken several measures to cut costs without cutting corners. In effect, they even offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on all of their products. Let’s get to it and take a closer look at some of their most popular firearms.

Radical Firearms AR 15

After doing a bit of research and asking around, I finally got my hands on an RF AR15, more specifically the 16″ 5.56 NATO 1:7 Mid-Length SOCOM Rifle – 12″ M-LOK FCR Gen3. I’m happy to say that I was able to go through around 1,200 rounds without any malfunctions or anything. I should also make it clear that I wasn’t gentle with it either. I fired in basically any and all positions imaginable, and even ran through a few mags in the rain. Additionally, I was immediately impressed with the RF AR15, completely regardless of its remarkable price tag.
As a MIL-SPEC rifle, the Radical Firearms AR is an excellent tactical weapon capable of some pretty impressive things. I did a quick field-strip and all of the internal components seemed to be in order and well-made. So much so that I can’t understand why more people aren’t buying these rifles. Between their Melonite bolt carrier group, sweet rail system, direct impingement gas system, and 41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel SOCOM barrel, these rifles seem to have it all.

Radical Firearms AR15
Radical Firearms RF-15 5.56MM M4 WITH 15-INCH FGS RAIL

Radical Firearms 300 Blackout

In addition to their great collection of AR15s, Radical also boasts a pretty sweet lineup of 300 BLK firearms. Although ATF-regulated, these MIL-SPEC pistols are hard to pass up. While they may be solid CQB weapons right out of the factory, there are endless ways to add tactical upgrades to them. For instance, they feature a full length M1913 Picatinny rail along the top of the handguard and a Radical FGS Round handguard rail, plus offer options for the bolt carrier group, charging handle, and sights.

Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM

The 458 SOCOM round is pretty freaking big. The relatively uncommon cartridge uses the .50 Action Express as its parent case and is, therefore, often used for big game hunting. After doing some ballistics readings, I came out that these rounds had an average muzzle energy of about 2,400 ft⋅lbf and an average muzzle energy of approximately 1,950 ft/s. In comparison, 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem) has an avg. FPS of 3,100 and muzzle energy of 1,200. Similarly, 9mm Luger only has about 1,100 FPS and 350 ft⋅lbf average muzzle energy.
Anyways, besides for CMMG Inc and Wilson Combat, Radical Firearms is the prominent manufacturer of rifles chambering 458 SOCOM. These direct impingement gas system rifles feature hardcoat anodized finishes to complement their 16″ 41V50 chrome moly vanadium steel HBAR barrels and custom Panzer brakes.

458 SOCOM upper
Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM 16″ Upper


Overall, I’d consider Radical Firearms to be a hidden gem. I had a great experience with these rifles and carbines, I just have trouble comprehending why they aren’t becoming even more popular. I also am a big fan of their commitment to their values and taking pride in their connection to Texas, America, and our Military Veterans.

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  1. I bought a RF15 for a 6.5 grendel. So far I love the rifle, but am having a problem with the magazing cyling. It jams. I contacted their customer servise. Not once but twice, with just a qustion. All I got back was two emails with nothing to do with my question. My question only reqiured a yes or no. If yes an explanation. So they make a very good rifle but CS is as poor as any company can be. I’m a 75 year old vet that served 6 years (1965-1971 ), 3 in south east asia, as a Airborne Ranger staff sargent. I exspect no speical treatment. But I did exspect a comnon sence answer to a simple question.

  2. Bad typing…Make the RF not RR!

  3. Best gun I have ever purchased in an AR format

  4. I purchased my first Radical rifle today and I am very impressed with its quality. I wish I had one of these in Vietnam in 67-68-69… Badass Blavkout 300 is my new label…. I am a retired Marine and I have fired alit of weapons. I am thrilled to own this Blackout 300… I purcashed it at the Post Exchange at Gort Tucket, Alabama. I am asking them to stock more in various calibers. I would like a Mabel but It was not included. I bought the last Blackout they had in stock.

    1. First of all, thank you for your service sir. Secondly, Blackout 300 is super popular these days and for good reason. It’s really one of the best modern calibers around – I hope you enjoy it in good health.

  5. I’ve 5 of these in 7. 62×39.,300blk and 5.56, love the quality and reasonable prices.

  6. Drop thigh-a whole new definition.

    1. Purchased AR model for
      My son. He loves it- great price
      At the time with case and extra mag. Thank you for making a quality weapon for affordable price.

      Tim Trout

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