I never liked being told that “This would be good for you”.

When shopping for a gun for myself, I’d much rather decide for MYSELF. Personally, I think it’s similar to shopping for a bra, it has to fit, has to be comfortable, and has to appropriate for the occasion.

Since I’d never wear a little lacy pushup bra for a morning jog, similarly every firearm should fit properly in the hand of its user. I need a handgun (and ammo) with as little kick after discharge as possible.

As much as I appreciate the look and capability of a longer nose revolver or full size 1911, they’re a little heavy for me and strain my wrist.

Woman Guns
Woman with Rifle

As somewhat of a novice, I think it’s important to identify one’s purpose of carrying a gun.

For me, it helps with my confidence in safety, security, and independence.  There has always been a need to protect and feel protected. It is said that all too often the ones that we depend on for protection are the very ones that we need to be protected from.

Woman with gun
Who can you trust?

Interestingly enough, animals do not hunt for sport, kill in anger, or for retribution or pleasure. It is humans who are vicious killers, and we kill each other often without justification and even without knowing the target (s). 

The screams for more stringent gun laws after every mass shooting can be quite compelling, having heard firsthand accounts of the horrible October 27, 2018 shooting of a synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 innocent people were needlessly and brutally murdered while in prayer. 

One must remember that in that case, as well as the other horrendous mass shootings, the shooter (s) are NOT law-abiding citizens and therefore didn’t adhere to even a less stringent law, so how would a more stringent law be effective?

Sadly, it wouldn’t and therefore since the need to “Do something” is so prevalent, our society wants to alter the laws rather than alter societal behaviors. In truth, gun control only causes more innocent lives to be lost. This is an irrefutable fact that many simply won’t accept.

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As an active 21st century woman, I believe that we must educate ourselves and stop the need to depend on others to provide all of our protection. 

While women are still seen as the weaker of the genders, even in 2019, it is prudent for us to learn self-defense. This is not a new concept, as even in the 1920s, the first wave of the Women’s Rights Movement brought a wide range of martial art techniques and classes for women to combat unwanted advances.

Woman boxing
Female Self Defense

The hand to hand combat is unappealing to many (myself included) since we don’t want to wait until a perpetrator is close enough for this method of defense. Since we as Americans are afforded the Right to Bear Arms, that means ALL Americans, male and female.

According to the Pew Research Center, gun ownership is more common among men than women in America, 39% to 22%. Although, many American women that may not personally own a gun, may live with someone that does. Thankfully, female gun ownership is on the rise!

The ease and comfort of carrying for women have drastically improved in the last decade with the production and selling of conceal carry solutions that are meeting the demands of the active woman. Of course, you can simply bury your firearm at the bottom of your handbag, but really how effective is it really when your eye pencil gets caught in the trigger?

The choices to safely carry are so vast today. The SPANX like holster is a popular and very comfortable option as is a corset holster, since it doesn’t interfere with the bra. Additionally, Flashbang has a great holster option that allows me to wear my own already well-fitting and comfortable bra and conceal my handgun.

Okay sisters, go out get your own method protection. Learn everything possible about your choice, perfect your usage and be comfortable with your selection.

* This guest post is brought to you by our friend Mimi M *

Mimi is a longtime member of the Gunivore family and a 2nd Amendment advocate who promotes increased female gun ownership.

Sam M

Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores.

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