Aguila Ammunition has become a modern marvel within the shotgun community, but there’s so much more to learn about them. Aguila is a Mexican company and has been producing high-end ammo for nearly six decades. Most of their rounds are put together in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico and imported into America by Texas Armament & Technology. The rising manufacturer has been constantly expanding their repertoire and has become one of the biggest producers of rimfire cartridges in the world. Likewise, they’ve also gone on to develop a wide variety of ammo that includes notable rounds such as the 12 gauge Minishell.

Aguila Mini Shells

The Aguila Mini Shells are becoming increasingly popular, especially thanks to a surge in tactical shotgun manufacturing. Many shooters are pairing these shells with the Mossberg Shockwave and it seems to be a match made in heaven. The Shockwave is a great scattergun and is specifically outstanding for home defense. Chambering your Mossberg with Minishells provides users with 10 12 gauge rounds, which is no small accomplishment.

shotgun Mini Shells
Aguila MiniShells

I’ve heard tons of complaints about these shells and feeding problems, due to their small size. Fortunately, this problem has been quickly resolved by OPSol. This Texas-based company produces the Mini-Clip, which enables specific shotguns to flawlessly cycle 1.75” shells.

OPSol’s life-saving accessory is super affordable but has recently seen some issues with online retailers. As of now, the Mini-Clip fits the Maverick 88 and the Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Shockwave. Aguila currently manufactures their famous Minishell in buckshot, slug, and birdshot. They also are the only company to produce minishells powerful enough for hunting and defense purposes. In fact, the 12 gauge buckshot round travels at 1,200 ft/sec while the slug shells have a velocity of 1,250 ft/sec.

12 Gauge Mini Shells

Minishells are especially sought after because they can potentially double your shotgun’s capacity. Nevertheless, there are actually many other reasons why you should consider chambering minishells. For starters, these innovative rounds significantly reduce recoil. This makes shotgun shooting much easier and safer for older, recoil-sensitive, or youth shooters.


Overall, minishells are a great addition to any shotgun owner’s collection. In addition to upping your gun’s capacity, these shells are also much easier to shoot, ultimately increasing your control and accuracy. Although they may be slightly less powerful than full-size cartridges, there are still plenty of reasons to check out Aguila and their impressive collection of ammo.

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