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Knives are kind of like big bullets that you shoot with your hands and arms. It’s true if you think about it. Well, we’ve got all of the knife info you need here at Gunivore – dive in to one of our reviews today!

Fast Five: Best EDC Tactical Knives

Between hunting, fishing, self-defense, & everyday tactical uses, there are countless reasons why you should be carrying a knife and we’re here to help!

featured ka-bar skeleton knife

Ka-Bar Acheron Skeleton Knife

Whether setting up a campfire, opening an envelope, making a salad, cutting a wire – you’ll be glad to have the Ka-Bar Acheron skeleton knife by your side. Practical, aesthetic, and effective, the Ka-Bar Acheron Skeleton Knife is one of the most sought-after blades on the market today, and for good reason – learn all about it now!

Ka-Bar Black Tanto Knife review

The Ka-Bar Black Tanto knife is actually not an homage to the beloved, old-school television character, but a modern-day take on an ancient Japanese sword. Functional, handy, and cool, the Ka-Bar Black Tanto Knife is one of the most popular and effective blades available for knife enthusiasts today.

featured tac tool ka-bar

Ka-Bar Becker Tac Tool Knife

The Ka-Bar Becker Tac Tool knife is actually more of a multipurpose hammer/cutter/digger/chopper/saw/ax/very sharp prying tool than an everyday carry knife. Want to know the ins and outs of the Ka-Becker Tac Tool Knife? Want to know how to get the most out of this epic blade? Read our new feature to find out!

featured ka-bar black serrated edge

Ka-Bar Black Serrated Edge Knife

Seeing the Ka-Bar black serrated edge knife in action was so powerful that I just had to tell the story. Till this day, I still choose to carry a Ka-Bar. The Serrated Edge model is one of the most widely used and acclaimed knives made from Ka-Bar’s impressive and vast lineup of knives. Check out our feature on it right here!

featured Becker Campanion

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Knife

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion knife is a full length, fixed blade, ergonomic survival knife. It is high quality, durable, and up for just about any task.

Ka-Bar Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

There’s a reason why the U.S. military chose Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife for its troops – it’s a jack-of-all-trades and has thus been popular for 70+ years. Whether for use by law enforcement, military, or private citizens, the Ka-Bar USMC just gets the job done, and always has. Read all about this incredible knife right here at Gunivore!

Ka-Bar featured knives

A History of Ka-Bar Knives

Glancing for a moment at a history of Ka-Bar knives, we can see that part of what makes this brand so famous was the part it played in World War II. From their humble beginnings, to their growth and development, to their present day standing as a leading knife manufacturer, read all about Ka-Bar right here!

featured mtech black and gold knife

My Tactical Folding Mtech Knife

My daily essentials include a designer purse and my tactical folding Mtech knife. Ladies, having a knife for every day carry (EDC) isn’t just for the guys! Knives provide great use and defense for any number of different situations you could face in your day-to-day life. Read all bout the Mtech knife here, one of the best multi-purpose knives you could imagine!

logo-red featured

Spyderco Newcomers

The 2016 line of Spyderco newcomers – high quality knives, sharpeners, and accessories – are the perfect way to usher in the company’s 40th anniversary. Read all about this impressive assortment of models in our new features which highlights a select number of the standouts from the Spyderco lineup in great detail.