We here at Gunivore love all things guns (obviously), but we can’t ignore the importance of proper knife and blade proficiency. With that being the case, we sat down to discuss the best EDC and tactical knives the market has to offer. This was no easy task, especially now that there are countless popular brands, each with multiple lines of highly-effective, ultra-reliable, and sexy blades and tools. For instance, Chris Reeve may not be Superman, but he sure as hell makes some of the best knives on the planet. Nevertheless, we wanted to stick with the affordable and practical. Similarly, we wanted to keep our count at just 5, so we expect there to be plenty of other top-notch options out there.

Zero Tolerance Hinderer

The highly-rated Zero Tolerance Hinderer may be expensive, but the pricy blade is well-worth the cost. The award-winning manufacturer collaborated with one of the industry’s most skilled experts to craft this classy tool and it won’t disappoint. In addition to incorporating high-strength low-weight materials, the Hinderer was built with EDC lovers in mind. While the Zero Tolerance knife is quite sharp right out of the box, I’m more impressed by how well it stays sharp over time. In fact, the American company designed their premier knife with a long clip for deep pocket carrying and multiple mounting capabilities.

zreo tolerance knives
Zero Tolerance Hinderer Knife

Kershaw Cryo

Kershaw is one of the most recognized brands in cutlery and the Cryo is just one of many incredible blades they have to offer. Headed by hall of fame knife designer, Ken Onion, Kershaw refuses to sacrifice their quality yet still manages to provide everyday carriers with high-end affordable blades. Although it was hard to pick our favorite Kershaw tactical knife, we managed to narrow it down to the unbelievably versatile Cryo. Like the Zero Tolerance blade, the Kershaw Cryo was also designed by the renowned Rick Hinderer. While the Cryo may look ordinary, it was built for toughness and can withstand some serious abuse, making it an excellent choice for EDC.

Kershaw Cryo
Kershaw Cryo EDC Knives

Spyderco Paramilitary

If you are at all familiar with tactical knives, you will have heard of Spyderco. This legendary Colorado manufacturer is definitely not your standard EDC knife and is more than capable of handling all of your tactical needs. The impressive steel blade is insanely sharp and features the patented round hole on the blade in place of a stud for releasing. Additionally, the Paramilitary blade fits surprisingly comfortable in the hand thanks to its innovative G-10 handle.

Spyderco Knives
Spyderco Paramilitary EDC Knives

Benchmade Griptilian

Like Spyderco, Benchmade is one of the trademark names in the EDC and tactical blade industry. As with most Benchmade knives, the Griptilian provides users with a highly-functional and prolific tool to meet all of your tactical needs. To give the Griptilian an added EDC touch, Benchmade crafted their popular knife with one of the market’s best grips that works well even with gloved hands. Similarly, they outfitted the lightweight Griptilian with reversible components, a lock safety button, and one hell of a warranty. Plus, for an even better tactical choice, check out the Griptilian Mini.

Benchmade Knives
Benchmade Griptilian EDC Knives

Gerber Covert

Few companies can boast a collection as massive and as impressive as Gerber. Designed by a former American Military Officer and WWII Vet, the Gerber Covert tactical knife actually borders on a combat weapon. Fans of the Gerber blade will tell you that the speed of this knife has to be seen to be believed, thanks to their patented F.A.S.T. blade opening tech. Although it may be a bit expensive for some people, the Gerber EDC knife is loaded with premium quality materials and built to last. To keep the Covert lightweight yet durable and reliable, they outfitted it with the popular G-10 grip, a double bevel blade, roto-lock mechanism, and a titanium coating.

Gerber Knives
Gerber Covert EDC Knives


Between hunting, fishing, self-defense, and everyday tactical uses, there are countless reasons why you should be carrying a knife. Furthermore, EDC is not just about being equipped with a blade, it’s about being prepared for whatever life throws at you and making order out of chaos. I hope our list has given you an idea of the incredible quality and versatility you have to choose from, the rest is up to you!

Thanks for joining us here at Gunivore & let us know what your EDC choice is in the comments!

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