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Shooting a rifle just might be the most satisfying experience you’ll ever have in your life. A close second to that experience, however, would be reading all about rifles here at Gunivore – so get started today!

Henry 30-30 Rifle Review

Henry Repeating Arms is slowly revitalizing one of the most classic American rifle cartridges. You do NOT want to miss out on these premium 30-30 rifles. Please follow and like us:

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Henry 22 Rifles Review

22 lever-action rifles from Henry are great multipurpose guns whether you’re a beginner, veteran, hunter, collector, or a regular American Gunivore! Please follow and like us:

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Henry 45-70 Lever Action Rifle Review

Table of Contents Pros & Cons of .45-70 Steel vs. Brass Model Specs Build Performance Accessories Comparable Firearms Conclusion In today’s Gunivore review, we’re going to be doing a rundown on Henry Repeating Arms’ lever action rifles chambered in the notorious .45-70 ammunition. Before Henry released these guns, they were already established as the foremost […]

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