The GM6 Lynx – also known as the Gepárd anti-materiel rifle – is one of the most powerful and nifty long-range rifles in the world. Although you don’t usually hear too much about Hungarian firearms, the GM6 has been slowly perfected since its inception in 1991. Over the years, several models have been introduced by Ferenc Földi and the Institute of Military Technology of the Hungarian People’s Army with the M6 being the most recent. Let’s take a look at what makes this rifle so special and why you might want one

Gepard sniper rifle
GM6 Rifle in Black

What is an Anti-Material Rifle?

As an anti-material rifle, the GM6 was designed to shoot and destroy unarmored or lightly armored targets. After joining the Warsaw Pact and finding themselves stuck behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary understood the need for strong urban warfare capabilities. In fact, some models like the M3 were powerful enough to take down helicopters and APCs. According to most definitions, anti-material weapons are strictly designed to take down enemy equipment and not combatants.

However, the M6, or the GM6 Lynx bridged the gap between standard anti-material rifles and powerful sniper rifles. This is a lot like the American Barret M82 which was originally designed for anti-material use but was used heavily for anti-personnel situations. The Hungarian Gepárd anti-materiel rifles are among the more impressive anti-material rifles but few can compare to the American McMillan Tac-50 and Barrett M82A1.

GM6 with Foregrip
Shooting the GM6 Rifle

GM6 Lynx Rifle

The GM6 is significant in a lot of ways but I admire how the Hungarians developed the rifle from the M1 all the way up to the M6 Lynx. They changed many features which enabled the rifle to transform into an entirely new combat tool. For example, the M6 features a much better scope, shorter overall length, stronger internal components, a bullpup design, and fires 12.7×108mm and .50 BMG rounds.

While the GM6 does sport a non-traditional design (gotta love the bullpup), it’s actually quite intuitive and can be fired standing up and on the move in the right hands. I’ve seen soldiers mount a foregrip and go on the move for recon. Not to mention, most rifles in this family don’t hold 5-round mags in a 25 lb. frame.

GM6 Sniper rifle
Sniping with the GM6

Taking a closer look will reveal that the Hungarian-made firearm is spectacularly-built with high-quality components inside and out. It’s an impressive machine with controls that are intuitive and easy-to-manage. The bullpup design adds a lot to this gun especially when it comes to balancing the weight and reducing felt-recoil. Likewise, they included highly-specialized barrels for increased accuracy and even more recoil management.

I can’t say for sure why more countries don’t use this weapon, but it has so much to offer on paper and has a decent reputation in Europe. The standout features are definitely the bullpup design, lightweight portable build, and diverse operational capabiities.


  • Model: GM6 Lynx
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Capacity: 5
  • Method of Operation: Long Recoil Action
  • Barrel Length: 730mm/28.7″
  • Overall Length: 1126mm/44.3″
  • Weight (Empty): 25.3 lbs
  • Effective Range: 1500m/1640 Yards
  • MSRP: Approximately $15,000
GM6 Rifle full length
GM6 Side View

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