Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) is growing more and more every day yet is still relatively unknown in the weapons community. Nevertheless, the firearm accessory brand has a wide range of some pretty impressive products, especially holsters. I decided to take a closer look at the emerging manufacturer and got my hands on a few of their top-selling products. Join me as we explore Raven Concealment and their collection of accessories.

Raven Concealment

Debuted in 2005, Raven Concealment Systems has shown promise to become a legitimate powerhouse in the gun industry. RCS claims that their products are officially-issued for “numerous units in the U.S. and friendly foreign militaries, multiple federal law enforcement agencies, and countless executive/personal protection details.” In any case, Raven offers a pretty solid lineup of concealment holsters in addition to their other EDC accessories.

Although they began hand-forming holsters in custom-made configurations, they’ve since adopted several upgraded manufacturing techniques. Nonetheless, they still work with specific clients to produce custom holsters and CCW products. Since their debut, RCS has developed a reputation for crafting holsters that could compete with several industry favorites when it comes to their reliability and overall durability. All things considered, Raven still has a long way to go until they can compete with the big names on the market. I don’t mean to discredit Raven’s quality, I simply believe that they still have ways to go in boosting their marketing efforts and manufacturing efforts.

Raven Concealment Holster

Raven Concealment Systems currently markets several collections of holsters, each with their own slight variations. For starters, the Perun outside-the-waistband (OWB) is their flagship line and offers supreme concealability. Although the Perun collection is small, it contains models for some of the most popular pistols, including the Smith and Wesson M&P, and the Glock 17, 19, and 43.

Next up is the RCS Eidolon appendix or strongside inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster collection. These highly functional and versatile holsters were crafted to provide CCW owners with increased comfort and concealment. To make these holsters even more impressive, Raven constructed the Eidolon models with accessory attachment points on their shells. This subtle yet game-changing addition shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for people who take their EDC seriously.

Morrigan Holster
Raven Concealment Morrigan IWB Holster

While the Eidolon series offers more, the VanGuard collection promises less, as Raven Concealment’s primary minimalist holster line. Although they may not be perfect for everyone, the VanGuard holsters can be ideal for folks looking to take their concealability to the next level. These innovative nifty little holsters only cover the weapon’s trigger guard, effectively removing the bulk of traditional holsters. Keep in mind that the full VanGuard system can be fully-adjusted for cant and ride-height, plus it’s ambidextrous and tuckable.

Then we have the revolutionary Morrigan appendix or strongside inside-the-waistband (IWB) series. I immediately noticed the remarkably slim profile and full-height body shield. This essentially makes it more comfortable for conceal carriers to wear the Morrigan anywhere but is specially designed to be worn at the blade of the hip. The ergonomic body shield also helps protect users from their firearm’s edges and prevents the rear sight from getting snagged.

Raven Concealment Pocket Shield

In addition to Raven Concealment’s line of holsters, mag carriers, and weapon enhancements, they also produce what they call the “Pocket Shield”. These innovative nifty fixtures are essentially modular devices which help keep carrying tactical accessories safe and comfortable. Besides for helping eliminate any imprinting, these devices also ensure seamless drawing of your tactical tools and firearms. Built from high-strength flexible polymers, the pocket shield can withstand insane levels of abuse and has been tested against a variety of environmental damage.


Overall, I was pretty impressed with Raven Concealment Systems and their collection of accessories. I hope to see them grow over the next few years, especially since they’ve already got the quality down. The next big step for them is to boost their marketing efforts and establish more of an online presence.

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