There are only a few companies in the defense and weapons industry with as much influence as Safariland. The Florida-based company has extensive operations in manufacturing equipment for the military and law enforcement, as well as assorted accessories and protective gear. Although Safariland produces a massive array of products, many of their commodities are marketed under other brand names.

BreakFree, CLP Products Overview

One of their most successful ventures was with the BreakFree gun cleaner. BreakFree is one of the leading synthetic-based gun maintenance products on the market. Their lubricants have become ubiquitous among all types of firearm users, including but not limited to military, law enforcement, and competition shooters. I’ve even seen their oil used in a plumbing supplies factory to keep their machines running at peak efficiency.

BreakFree CLP Cleaner

Although the BreakFree composition and efficacy seem ordinary, there are two distinctions that these oils have which few other brands can claim. First of all, they are one of the only companies to achieve the United States Military PD-48 specification. The military issued this purchase description to reduce misfires and malfunctions, and to overall improve the reliability and performance of their weapons.

Unofficially titled the “impossible specification”, BreakFree’s CLP (clean, lubricate, protect) was the first to pass this test in the late 1970’s. Years later, the military created a new specification, the MIL-L-63460, and once again BreakFree met the mark. CLP, their flagship product, immediately found its way into the Army, Navy, and Air Force. As the military’s primary weapons maintenance product, BreakFree was used to clean, lubricate, and protect anything from tanks to anti-aircraft weaponry.

After winning the trust of the military and law enforcement, it didn’t take long for Break-Free CLP to be recognized across the globe as the model for maximum performance and protection. Maintaining a firearm can be a tough task, especially now that there are so many quality products on the market with minute differences. To learn more about general gun cleaning and maintenance tips, check our overview feature!

CLP-2 Gun Cleaner Review

CLP-2 Gun Cleaner

There are several BreakFree products that are incredibly similar, with the only differences being the size of the bottle and application method. For around $7.00, you can pick up a can of CLP-2 – the standard BreakFree CLP, which comes in a 4oz. aerosol can. It works well as a basic lubricant, but its cleaning ability is its best quality. I like the fact that it’s aerosol; this makes it easier to get it into those small nooks and crannies. CLP-2 is also quite versatile; a few sprays on a bike chain can make a huge difference. If you’re looking to do a lot of maintenance, BreakFree makes a bigger version (CLP-12) that comes in a 12 oz. can.

CLP-4 Gun Cleaner Review

CLP-4 Gun Cleaner

The only difference between the CLP-4 and the CLP-2, is that the former comes in a liquid solution. In my experience, using a liquid instead of aerosol makes way for better lubrication. At the same time, I don’t think it lubricates as well as Hoppe’s 9; the price difference makes me partial to Hoppe’s on this one. Nonetheless, one thing I do love about CLP-4 is its effectiveness on knives.

CLP Powder Blast Review

CLP Powder Blast

Powder Blast is BreakFree’s solution (pun intended) for quick and easy cleaning. The powerful solvent blasts away reside, oil, grease, and gunk with ease. This is the perfect product to prep your gun for lubrication. Powder Blast is especially useful for heavy-volume shooters, like competition shooters and military. I love how fast this cleaner works, especially when you consider that it doesn’t require any disassembly. Immediately after applying Powder Blast, your firearm will not only shine brilliantly, but will also be exceptionally clean and free of any contaminates. The cherry on top of this gun cleaner is the surprising citrus smell that it leaves.

CLP General Ingredients

BreakFree’s engineers have seemingly found the perfect balance of effective, yet safe ingredients. Its superior penetrative and lubricating abilities enable it to blast through all types of gunk and ensure that new grit won’t stick. In laboratory trials, BreakFree removed 98% of all firing residue and withstood over 100 hours in a 5% salt spray test with no evidence of corrosion. It was also able to lubricate at extreme temperatures (ranging from -65° F. to 475° F.), without gumming or breaking down. These abilities are the result of specially formulated synthetic oils and expert engineering.

BreakFree’s Powder Blast contains many different components than their standard CLPs. One major difference is citrus oil, which gives it its pleasant smell. This surprise ingredient is also commonly used in detergents and soaps because of its effect on oil and grease.

Where To Buy CLP Gun Cleaner

Buying CLPs and other gun maintenance products online can be tricky. However, there are plenty of websites where BreakFree cleaners are available. I tend to rely on Amazon, but the company website and Cabela’s are also good choices. If you’re looking to buy in-store, head down to your local sporting goods store (i.e. Walmart, Dick’s, Gander Mt., etc.); these stores usually keep BreakFree products in stock.

CLP vs. The Competition

Hoppe’s 9 Cleaner

I decided to ask around my shooting club to find out what people thought about BreakFree, and the responses were surprising. Although most of the guys didn’t have much criticism for the CLP, nevertheless most of them prefer M-Pro 7, Rem Oil, or Hoppe’s. What I found even more interesting was that the few guys who did use BreakFree use it in combination with other cleaners. A lot of them don’t prefer this CLP for its cleaning abilities, and instead opt for RemOil, Miltec-1, or Hoppe’s. For more information on how BreakFree matches up to BallistolHoppe’s or M-Pro 7, check out our features on these classic cleaners.


BreakFree’s lineup of trusted supplies can help protect the longevity and integrity of any firearm as well as many other types of machines. My initial impression of BreakFree’s CLP was that it would be the gold standard of firearm protection, cleaning and lubrication. After thoroughly researching, asking around, and using it for myself, I realized that it was not what it seemed. Yes, BreakFree CLP is still an above average product; however, at the end of the day, I found its value and quality quite surprising.

I had high hopes for them, especially considering that they passed (two) nearly impossible spec tests by the government, and contain a unique formula of synthetic oils. Nevertheless, there are other CLPs out there who either clean or protect better; it may even be worth it to scratch the CLP idea and go for individual products for each operation. Stay tuned for more reviews of the leading gun oils and lubes here at Gunivore!

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