Pelican Products, the team behind some of the most highly-rated and popular protective cases on the market, opened up back in 1976. While they may look like your run-of-the-mill protective cases, the folks at Pelican are trusted around the world for producing packing solutions in markets as sensitive and demanding as aerospace, military, life sciences, and industrial engineering. That being the case, the Torrance, California-based company and its 22 international offices manufacture only the best. The team behind Pelican originally set out to produce durable flashlights and protective cases that could withstand the trying needs of a regular SCUBA diver. Since ’76, they’ve grown immensely and are now the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases on the planet. Similarly, they’ve expanded their collection, which now includes diverse products such as phone cases, luggage, LED lighting tools, and biothermal packaging. After several expansions, the California-based manufacturer decided to change the layout of their company and split their team into four subdivisions: Biothermal, international, consumer, & commercial/government.

Pelican Gun Case

As light, compact, durable, and reliable protective cases, it didn’t take long for Pelican to market their products to the firearms community. In fact, they currently distribute dozens of cases for all sorts of guns and ammo, in a variety of sizes. Pelican is such a popular choice for gun owners because these top-shelf cases offer watertight, dustproof, crushproof, easy-open throw latches, solid wall design, lightweight, o-ring seal, interior pressure balance, & lifetime guarantee protection. While these cases might seem expensive, it really adds up when you consider how much a simple case has to offer. It’s actually quite insane really. Without exaggeration, I don’t think you’ll find a better case for storing or transporting firearms.

Pelican Pistol Case

If you’re in the market for a gun case for your pistol, whether to transport, store, or carry, Pelican is probably the best out there. These are arguably the most popular and highly-rated cases on the market and for good reason. I’m a huge fan of the Model 1170 in particular, but it’s hard not to love their iM2050 Storm Case. The Storm Case is special primarily because of its unique Press & Pull latch which locks automatically yet opens with just a light touch. Additionally, these top-rated cases feature two padlockable hasps. Their popular soft-grip handle, lightweight strong HPX Resin, and their Vortex Valve.

Pelican Rifle Case

So, as impressive as Pelican’s pistol cases are, their rifle cases are on a whole new level. If you’re looking to protect your rifle, then you ought to consider a Pelican rifle case. These unbelievably highly-rated cases are available all over the place, especially online, and offer supreme protection, versatility, overall value. The American-made rifle cases are perfect for taking your precious rifles on your next hunting trip, or whether you’re looking for a smart way to store your long guns. Built from high impact polymers, these cases are easy to transport without sacrificing even an iota of protection or durability. Besides for their premier protection, these cases also offer heavy-duty, ergonomic handling.

Pelican Rifle Case
Pelican V730 Vault Tactical Rifle Case

Pelican Case Foam

While Pelican is best known for their superior polymers protective cases, so much of this protection is due to their proprietary foam. In addition to their padded dividers and popular TrekPak, Pelican’s standard-issue foam is anything but standard. As an added bonus, Pelican provides customers with the option to customize the fit and size of their foam to meet your specific needs. Recently, Pelican launched their Design Your Foam Program. This is especially useful for gun owners who are looking to give their firearms the exact protection they deserve.

Pelican Case Sizes

Whether you want to customize your protection for your firearm or just want high-grade protection, Pelican has you covered. In addition to their Case Calculator, they’ve got a nearly endless array of sizes to choose from.

ModelInternal LengthInternal WidthInternal DepthLid DepthBottom DepthWheelsWeight With Foam
107511.38″8.19″1.63″N/AN/ANo1.54 lbs.
109515.80″11.20″2.10″1.00″1.00″No2.9 lbs.
11207.25″4.75″3.06″0.50″2.56″No1.23 lbs
11508.18″5.68″3.62″0.75″2.87″No1.98 lbs.
117010.54″6.04″3.16″1.08″2.08″No2.10 lbs.
12009.25″7.12″4.12″1.18″2.93″No2.87 lbs.
170035.75″13.50″5.25″1.75″3.50″Yes16.98 lbs.
172042.00″13.50″5.25″1.75″3.50″Yes18.96 lbs.
175050.50″13.50″5.25″1.75″3.50″Yes25.57 lbs.
177054.58″15.58″8.63″1.88″6.75″Yes36.00 lbs.
iM2100 Storm13.00″9.20″6.00″2.00″4.00″No4.90 lbs.
iM2200 Storm15.00″10.50″6.00″2.00″4.00″No6.10 lbs.
iM2300 Storm17.00″11.70″6.20″2.00″4.20″No7.10 lbs.
iM3100 Storm36.50″14.00″6.00″2.00″4.00″Yes19.80 lbs.
iM3200 Storm44.00″14.00″6.00″2.00″4.00″Yes21.10 lbs.
iM3220 Storm44.00″14.00″8.50″2.00″6.50″Yes24.80 lbs.
iM3300 Storm50.50″14.00″6.00″2.00″4.00″Yes23.00 lbs.

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