This is a company which was founded in the 40s by Joyce Hornady, who partnered up with Vernon Speer to start producing jackets for bullets. Having good foresight and proper business in instincts, Hornady bought equipment off the U.S. after the Second World War and began manufacturing high-quality ammunition. Later, in the 60s, the company began manufacturing several style cartridges for all kinds of rifles and pistols. The company’s motto is “Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.”, and you can say without a doubt that they have lived up to those three words. Hornady is based in Grand Island, NB, and they are one of the United States’ finest manufacturers of equipment and info on reloading/handloading components and ammunition.

Hornady Ammo

The company produces centerfire and rimfire ammunition for handguns, rifles, and shotguns of all calibers. Whether for varmints under 50 lbs., small game, medium or large game, or target shooting/match grade ammo – Hornady has got you covered.

Hornady Bullets

Bullets are a component in a cartridge, and they are basically the tip, the projectile. The cartridge is the name given to the entire package which includes the primer, the case, the bullet, etc.

Rifle bullets are ranged from .172” caliber to .510”.

Handguns bullets are ranged from .308” to .500”.

Hornady also has buckshots for sale: 00 buckshot, 000 buckshot, and #4 buckshot.

There are gas checks for sale, which go on as you cast your own cartridges, and seal in gases to protect the base’s structural integrity. It makes the bullet that much more powerful on impact, and enhances its overall performance.

Ballistics Calculator

The Hornady website has a nice little feature which enables you to calculate your ideal trajectory, depending on the distance, the ammo, and the firearm itself. Available in standard and metric measurements, the ballistic calculator may be able to save you time, money, and energy on your next hunting trip or your next plinking session.

There is a separate calculator available for longer distances, and it factors in many more variables, such as: the environmental changes such as wind speed, humidity, altitude, temperature, and air pressure; the bullet’s velocity, bore diameter, and barrel twist; and the firearm’s angle and sight height. If you want to get answers, this is one of the more comprehensive civilian ballistic calculators you can consult with.

Hornady Critical Defense 9mm

In 2008, Hornady introduced its Critical Defense line of ammunition, consisting of .380 ACP, .38 Special, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and many more popular – and less popular – calibers. Basically, it is a line designed explicitly for small, concealed carry, self-defense handguns. The 9mm Critical Defense round is probably their most popular, and it is available in 9X18 Makarov, and the ever-popular 9X19mm Parabellum. Later on, in 2015, the line was joined by the arrival of Critical Defense Lite, which added light-weighted 9mm bullets to the mix, weighing in at 100g, as opposed to the ordinary 115g. Less weight meant less recoil.

Critical Defense
Hornady Critical Defense

Hornady Bullet cam

In 2017, Vortex and Hornady teamed up for a memorable April Fools gag which had everybody talking. The idea is precisely what it sounds like – a camera installed on a bullet, which can give you live video feed as it sores to the target or misses it completely.

The 3-minute video they put out was pretty cool, had decent acting, quality dialogue, and great production value, and also – unless you know something about firearms and optics – it was totally believable. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past someone to invent that, but at least for now, it is quite impossible.

Still, a very nice and memorable April Fools joke from Vortex and Hornady. May more companies learn to let their hair down a bit every now and then!

“Only $99.99 for 10 rounds!”

Load data

Being a company which is also dedicated to providing the public with information, supplies, and equipment regarding reloading, every so often Hornady will release a version of their Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. This is a comprehensive guide to everything a reloader needs to know, and it deals with every aspect of the process. The 10th edition of the handbook was released in 2017.

The company website’s ‘Load Data’ page publishes information which did not make it into the most recent handbook, and it primarily has bullets which became available after the latest version has been made public. The handbook is available in printed hardcover or ebook format, and includes over 1000 pages of information for the hand loader. It is the result of countless hours, rounds, loads, and individuals who have contributed to the Hornady line. Whatever didn’t make it, for whatever reason, can be found on the site’s Load Data page.

Hornady Critical Duty

The Critical Duty is a round meant for chambers ranging from 9mm to .45 ACP. It is a bullet meant for on-duty/tactical use. It differs from the Critical Defense in the fact that it is designed – more than anything – for full-sized, law-enforcement handguns. But there is an additional feature which makes it even more appealing to law-enforcement: the bullet’s InterLock band. It binds the core and the jacket together, and ensures maximal retention of weight on impact, resulting in more focused transfer of energy. These rounds cannot be reloaded. Hornady does not sell these as a standalone bullet for handloading, but only as a cartridge. The bullet itself is available at online retailers and gun shops across the country.

Hornady rounds compared
Critical Defense Vs. Critical Duty

Hornady Rapid Safe

Firearms mean – or should mean – security and responsibility. Part of that duo is keeping your self-defense gun protected, yet accessible. The Hornady RapiD series of gun safes includes touch-free entry, plus key access, safety mechanisms which comply with the strictest of standards, heavy-duty construction, and an easy-to-mount design. The series includes the following models (Numbers obtained from

The AR Wall LockThe AR GunlockerThe Vehicle SafeThe Shotgun Wall LockThe 4800 KPThe 2700KPThe 2600KP
Designed for AR-10 or AR-15
Designed for rifle or shotgun dual gun capacity
exterior 12.0”x6.4”x2.2” interior 7.5”x5.6”x1.7”
Designed for 4-inch barrel pistols or 2-inch revolvers
Designed for a single shotgun
exterior 10.5”x12”x2.9” interior 7.2”x11”x2.2”
Designed for two 1911 pistols (2 gun capacity)
exterior: 12.7”x8.7”x2.9” interior: 9”x7.7”x2.2”
Designed for 1911 pistols and 4-inch revolvers
exterior: 10.7”x8.7”x2.9” interior: 7”x 7.7”x2.2”
Designed for 4-inch barrel pistols or 2-inch revolvers

Hornady shotgun safe

Hornady Shotgun RAPiD Wall Safe

Hornady SST

The Super Shock Tip (SST) bullet was first introduced in 1998, and it was engineered for hunting purposes. With a wide range of calibers to choose from (.243” to .338”), it is a bullet which – true to its name – delivers a great shock and then rapidly expands, in order to make for a quick and efficient kill. The series is ideal for medium and large game, but there are also bullets in this product line which will be fit for varmints, small game, or even African-plain-type-of-dangerous game.


For 70 years now, Hornady has been supplying the public – as well as law-enforcement – with high-quality products and gear. Any faults to be found? Of course. Like any company in this business, the standards are strict and occasionally there will be a recall.

According to the company website, Hornady’s bankers thought the idea was sure to be a flop. A business which sells bullets for reloaders? Please. But Hornady was sure of it: there are others out there who want to be able to afford cheaper practice ammunition. He saw a need and filled it, and that is Business 101.

Now lead by Steve Hornady, Joyce’s son, it is known as a company you can trust through and through. Whether you use their rounds on varmints, game, targets made of paper, or ones wearing masks and walking out of a nearby bank, carrying sinister looks and big canvas bags with dollar signs on them – they are a great choice for your firearm.

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  1. Without a doubt the best warranty and customer service EVER!!!
    I have a very old Hornady Pro Jector reloading press (at least 25 years old) which I messed up the adjustments on and couldn’t get it to work correctly.
    I called Hornady and was told to send it in and they could fix it.
    I expected to have a hefty bill for the repair, it was repaired and sent back to me at NO charge.
    My only cost was shipping to Hornady..
    Thanks Hornady American Made !!

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