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EOTech reticle

EOTech 512 Review 2018: Let’s Get Technical

When it comes to optics and sights in the gun game, there are just so many different kinds of options available that it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Our latest feature, however, highlights one of the best options out there. The EOTech 512 is designed for close to mid-range encounters. It is a non-magnifying optic, and it provides rapid target acquisition when you need it most.

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EOTech Laser Battery Cap Review

EOTech has several drop in replacements for their holographic weapons sight (HWS) series, and the most popular drop-ins include EOTech Laser Battery Cap. Check out our brand new feature on this acclaimed and useful battery cap to learn all of the ins and outs of one of EOTech’s most practical accessories.

featured eotech 552

EOTech 552 Review

When it comes to gun owners, you know most love tricking out their guns for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and fun. EOTech is one of the best providers for accessories, and especially sights, for these purposes. The EOTech 552 sight is meant for close to mid-range encounters, and it works like any other holographic sight – a laser beam is used to project an image.

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EOTech Night Vision Devices Overview 2018

One of the finest gun accessory manufacturers in the world, EOTech prides itself on its impressive line of accuracy and visibility improving devices and attachments for firearms. EOTech night vision devices line consists of M914 and M2124, which are used by U.S. Armed Forces, police departments, and other militaries around the world. Read about it right here!

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EOTech Thermal Sights Review: Stay Frosty

There are times when you need to be able to see and not be seen. Whether in combat in the line of duty, when carrying your sight, or when protecting your family at home, visibility for gun owners is of the highest level of importance – it’s a necessary thing, to see your target. This is what the new EOTech thermal sights can help you achieve.

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EOTech Vudu Scopes for Rifles Review 2018

In combat, you need to see the enemy before he sees you. When your life is on the line, every single advantage can make all of the difference in the world, and EOTech’s new Scopes certainly provide a heck of an advantage for gun owners. Every shot counts, and the new EOTech Vudu scopes for rifles will help your bullet hit its mark.

EOTech Holographic Sights Review 2018

EOTech Holographic Sights Review 2018

Holographic Sights are one of the very best options in terms of sights and overall accessories when it comes to enhancing your aim, shooting ability, and overall firearm experience. Regardless of whichever model you select, the clear glass quality and small dot make EOTech Holographic Sights ideal for long-range shooting.

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EOTech History and Development

EOTech is one of the leading accessories manufacturers in the entire gun industry – renowned around the world for its quality offering and products. The company has created a number of products, including various sights and other firearm accessories. Read on for an account of EOTech History and Development.

featured frangible ammo

Frangible Ammunition

Frangible ammunition can decrease the chance of harm to nearby people or objects through disintegrating upon impact with a target, rather than ricocheting. Interested in Frangible Ammunition? Learn all about it in our brand new in-depth feature on it in which we cover all of the most vital information of a most vital subject.

Trijicon SME Significant Military Equipment

Trijicon SME Significant Military Equipment

Most of Trijicon’s catalogue is available to civilians and non-civilians alike. Only the Trijicon SME Significant Military Equipment section is restricted. Although it cannot be employed for use by private gun owners or civilians, this impressive military equipment and tech does a lot to keep citizens safe, the details of which makes for some amazing reading!