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Charter Arms Company Overview

Charter Arms is one of those hidden treasures just waiting to be rediscovered. Check out this American gunmaker’s excellent collection of durable revolvers.


Fast Five: Best Suppressors

Many shooters are missing out on suppressors because they think they’re illegal or too hard to get. Check out our rundown for the facts you can trust!

Asian Firearms Overview

Believe it or not, Asia is home to some of the best guns in the world, and we’ve broken them down by country, just for you, in this Gunivore exclusive.

Meet J.J. Racaza

J.J. Racaza has been consistently one of the world’s best shooters for over a decade, isn’t it time we learn more about the expert marksman?

Armscor Company Overview

Armscor is one of the most underrated firearm developers in the world, but the Philippines-based gunmaker has plenty of sweet weapons to offer.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast-approaching and finding the right gift can be impossible! Luckily, Gunivore is here to help find that something special.

Fast Five: Top Israeli Guns

While some countries are known for their cars or cakes, Israel is known for their weapons. Check out our rundown of the most impressive Israeli guns.

Fast Five: Top New AR-15s

In this week’s edition of Fast Five, we’re going to look at some of this year’s most extraordinary AR-15s. Find out which one suits you best!