Yes, the rumors are true – Mossberg is returning to handgun production with their MC1sc 9mm pistol. Everyone is familiar with the Mossberg shotguns, but the popular gunmaker wanted to expand their collection even more. Little known fact, Mossberg started out producing handguns just over 100 years ago. A modern subcompact of the era, the Brownie was a four-barrel four-shot semiautomatic 22-cal pistol. It had a rotating firing pin allowing users to fire each barrel individually, which made it pretty innovative. One century and many shotguns later, Mossberg has graced the world with another subcompact pistol that is held to their standard of quality and reliability.

Mossberg MC1sc Specs

  • Model: MC1sc
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 6-round flush-fit/ 7-round extended
  • Barrel Length: 3.40”
  • Overall Length: 6.25”
  • Height: 4.30”
  • Width: 1.03”
  • Weight: 19 oz (Unloaded)
  • MSRP: $425.00

Mossberg MC1sc Build

The polymer striker fired pistol market has been ruled by Glock for as long as the category has existed, but Mossberg is looking to take part in an industry-wide revolution. In point of fact, the new Mossberg MC1sc corrects the few drawbacks Glocks have. Similarly, the new pistol was designed and constructed for everyday carry, so I’m sure many people will add it to their collection. One of the nicest features is their safety takedown system which allows you to disassemble the MC1sc without having to dryfire. If you’re hesitant to carry a Glock because of their safety features, the MC1sc cross-bolt safety model will keep your mind a little more at ease, especially if you carry one in the chamber. The MC1sc cross-bolt safety model costs the same as the base model, with the added advantage of a safety ensuring the trigger will not be accidentally pulled.

Mossberg Centennial
Mossberg MC1 Centennial

Mossberg is known for their quality, no-nonsense design and reliability and their new pistol certainly follows suit. When they saw an opening in the polymer strike fire subcompact market they didn’t hesitate and the quality in the MC1sc is what you would expect from a true Mossberg. This gun was made to be carried every day, with comfort and reliability being equally acknowledged. For starters, you’ll notice the ergonomic grip was optimized for easy targeting and improved handling. The grip is textured in specific spots to give users enough control in the right places while minimizing drag. Ultimately, it offers a balance of a snag-free draw and a gritty grip that you can handle even when wet.

Moving on, they opted for a glass-reinforced polymer frame that’s enhanced for increased durability. The sights are a three-dot snag-free dovetail design, with the option for aftermarket customization. However, there are other, lesser visible details which shouldn’t be ignored. For instance, the trigger guard has an extended profile allowing for easy access. Furthermore, they decided on a single-stack flush magazine build with a standard 6-round capacity or an extended 7-round option for folks interested in a little more room on the grip. Surprisingly, these magazines are made with a clear polymer with an orange floor plate for high-visibility when it’s time to reload. As an added bonus, every model comes with a reversible magazine release for the southpaw shooters out there. The ambidextrous option gives the subcompact a step up on Glock subcompacts for all left-handed shooters.

Mossberg MC1sc Close Up
Mossberg MC1sc Grips

Next, I want to point out the pleasantly smooth and clean flat-profile trigger with an approximate 6 lb. pull. In a different attempt to stick it to Glock, Mossberg added a metal guide rod instead of the standard Glock plastic model. Similarly, the barrel and slide were both given stainless-steel finishes to ensure their durability and overall quality. The revolutionary takedown system in the MC1sc allows you to easily disassemble the pistol without having to dryfire or lift a pesky lever inside the firearm like other polymer strike fire pistols on the market. This is a huge plus in my book that I’m sure other shooters can appreciate too.

Mossberg MC1sc Performance

Mossberg designed this firearm with one thought in mind: Safe, reliable, and convenient daily carry. This gun was meant to be there when you need it the most, though it also makes for a great friend at the range or as a truck gun. Additionally, Mossberg designed it to be a comfortable gun to have concealed on your person all day long. No part of this gun was designed without function being heavily considered. Likewise, the build was crafted to allow you to draw this gun quickly and immediately put shots on target. This is largely due to the beautiful balance of grip where you need it and smooth lines where you don’t which also allow the MC1sc to have a snag-free draw and to be snag-free while on your hip.

Although many shooters don’t like single stack mags, Mossberg went this route to give their flagship handgun a slim profile ideal for concealed carry. In the same vein, the MC1 is chambered in 9mm, which is widely considered the ideal daily carry cartridge.

Mossberg MC1sc Price

The MSRP of the MC1sc is $425.00 which is a definitely great price for this firearm. Mossberg has a reputation in the shotgun market but doesn’t have the same reputation behind their name as a handgun producer. With that being said, many companies inflate the price of their guns based on their reputation. Mossberg is not one of those companies. The Mossberg 500 has always been a reasonably priced shotgun, just as the MC1sc is a reasonably priced handgun. You are getting a solid quality gun without breaking the bank, what more can you ask for? The money was invested in the right places from the perspective of Mossberg’s development team. Just think about the similar Glock 43. The new Mossberg pistol is cheaper than the G43, but unlike the G43, it has a steel guide rod, a more advanced safety option, and can be disassembled without dryfiring.

The new MC1 is an ideal buy for anyone on the market for a subcompact without any unnecessary bells and whistles. This meat and potatoes 9mm pistol is another great addition to the market and lends a hand to the tradition of quality and reliability that Mossberg has held for over 100 years.


If you are on the market for a daily carry piece, then the Mossberg MC1sc should definitely be on your list. Between Mossberg’s commitment to quality and their improvements on the polymer strike fire platform, the new pistol is sure to make sales. With the addition of the safe takedown system, an added safety feature, and an ambidextrous mag release, the MC1sc is a slight step ahead of other subcompacts on the market. The price cannot be beaten either, coming in cheaper than the king of the platform, the G43. The MC1sc is a great bang for your buck and another fantastic addition to the Mossberg firearms line. It’s also a nice way to acknowledge to their 100 year legacy with a return to the handgun market.

Adam V

Combat military veteran with a Masters degree in security and diplomacy, Adam V is a jack of all trades for Gunivore. He is also a martial arts, survival, and firearms enthusiast who enjoys sharing his opinions on tough topics.


  1. I found one in a store today. The price tag was $349 plus tax. They took it out of the case so I could get a closer look. I agree with Sam in that it is an upgrade to the Glock at a better price point. I was really impressed by the white three-dot sights. They are very easy to acquire, even with the short length and my bifocals.

  2. I have mine and couldn’t be happier.Its very light and sometimes I think it fell off or something cause I don’t know it’s there.It shoots great and I have about 1k rounds through it and no problems

  3. Sounds like a winner of a cc pistol on paper, but like other firearms manufacturers, one may be wise to wait in making a purchase. BTW, the MC1 Centennial looks very nice. What is the projected sale date for that model?

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for reaching out. I agree with you. As much as I want to get my hands on one for myself, I’m a big skeptic with these kinds of releases. As far as I know, the Centennial model is currently available.

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