Black Aces Tactical (BAT) is one of those companies with nearly no reputation looking to make huge strides this year. The up-and-coming gunmaker is still in their early stages of development but their catalog certainly tells a different story. Although they produce many sweet guns and accessories, most people are finding their way to BAT thanks to their Shockwave-type non-NFA Pro Series shotguns. Like the original Mossberg, these scatterguns are becoming a market favorite, especially among those looking to boost their home defense.

However impressive they may be, they’ve become so valuable partially due to their non-NFA status. Nevertheless, the short barrel shotguns are still illegal in some states, including Ohio, California (no surprise there), and Massachusetts. Oh, and they’re cheaper than the name-brand Mossbergs, making them truly hard to pass up.

Black Aces Tactical

Black Aces is small but you can bet that’ll change soon. The American manufacturer is led by Eric Lemoine who knows a thing or two about shotgun excellence. In addition to the company’s 5+ patents, the Florida-based gunmaker is constantly working on pushing the boundaries within the firearms market. Overall, you can expect big things to happen with the BAT team so do yourself a favor and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Black Aces Tactical Shotgun
Black Aces Tactical Shotgun

Black Aces Shotgun

The Black Aces Tactical Pro Series Shockwave-type shotguns are sexy and that’s just where the fun starts. The American gunmaker produces these Mossberg-style scatterguns in-house, ultimately keeping price down and dependability up. Likewise, they offer a nice variety of options, including synthetic or walnut furniture, a sweet selection of stippled grips, and the ability to fire both light and heavy loads.

Like the Mossberg Shockwave, the Pro Series shotguns are non-NFA, which means it’s never been easier to get your hands on a short barrel tactical shotgun. I want to make it clear that you shouldn’t let its affordable price tag lead you into thinking that they cut down on its durability or reliability. In reality, these are capable of handling plenty of abuse and are not known to experience any functionality problems. In fact, their 6061 T6 aluminum receiver is well-built and plenty reliable. It’s also worth noting that they incorporated a cross-bolt safety behind the trigger guard and a bolt release on the right of the aluminum receiver.

Model: BAT Shockwave Pro Series
Action: Semi-auto
Gauge: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 4+1
Chamber: 3”
Barrel Length: 14”
Overall Length: 26.5”
Weight: Approximately 5 lbs.
Sights: N/A
Stock: Walnut
MSRP: $574

Black Aces Accessories

Besides for these shotguns, Black Aces Tactical is quickly becoming the go-to place for high-quality and affordable accessories. First and foremost. BAT has a truly impressive collection of rifle suppressors that are user-serviceable, full-auto rated, and still somehow under $200. Next, you’ll notice their options of bird’s head pistol grips with a variety of different stippling patterns. However, it’s hard to pass up on the Shockwave Quad Rail / Side Shell Holder, which provides users with countless more accessory options and space for more rounds. Last but not least is the Mossberg Magazine Spike, which helps make this one of the most intimidating shotguns in the industry. The 1-inch black anodized spike is a small but menacing attachment definitely worth checking out.

Black Aces Tactical Grips
Black Aces Tactical Grips


At the end of the day, Black Aces Tactical still has a long way to go but they’ve already proven themselves to be a formidable American gunmaker. I look forward to seeing more of these shotguns and I anticipate great things for the Florida-based arms company. Thanks for joining us here at Gunivore and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Didn’t have a good experience with these people. Ordered a shotgun didn’t have it in stock they said it would be couple weeks. Long story short waited 2 months no shotgun. Canceled the order then they still billed my credit card after 2 1/2 months. Tried talking to them no answer still haven’t got my money back and no shotgun either. Think they’re tryin to RIP me off.

    1. Wow, that’s not acceptable. Thank you so much for sharing. I rely on readers like you to share personal experiences, particularly when it comes to first-hand accounts of dealing with customer service. Sucks to hear about that, I hope it gets resolved soon!


  2. I would love to see the new tactical BAT double barrel 12g double feed in a semi auto. Feeding 16 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. As a home defense pistol

  3. I live in PA. Do I need a permit to buy and ship or do you ship to an FFL for pickup. I am looking for home defense.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Thanks for reaching out. We don’t currently sell any firearms or ammunition – we only provide our opinions.

      Best of luck

  4. Sent me a broken shotgun contacted them with no reply took three weeks to ship out and they are not noligable about there own product just import from turkey and resell them

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