The Glock 19 is one heck of a handgun, and accessories are part of what makes an ordinary Glock 19 Gen 4 pistol even more personal. They can improve functionality and make a gun more reliable. That, after all, is ultimately the goal: to have a weapon you can count on at a time when you will need it. Whether for an everyday carrying civilian or military/police use, there are many accessories which can help make the Glock 19 even better than it already is. Here is our list of top 10 Glock 19 Accessories.

Top Glock 19 Accessories

1. Grip/Plug Insert

The first accessory is a fairly inexpensive item by the name of a grip plug/insert. In the back strap of your Glock, right next to the magazine well, is a cavity which some choose to plug. While there is some debate over whether or not you should plug up that cavity to begin with, the grip plug is a very popular accessory which can help your grip, give you more control, and as I understand it, there are shooters out there who have put that plug to very good use.

2. Slide Stop Lever

Next on our list is an accessory that is all about convenience and speed: the slide stop lever. This is another item which is not at all expensive, and it can really make a difference, especially for newer, less-seasoned shooters, and also for times when the gun isn’t quite broken in. Many shooters don’t like the feel of the flat slide release, and putting in something which is just slightly more accessible can be a huge advantage when operating the firearm. The lever doesn’t do much “damage” as far as the aesthetics of the weapon. It is still the same old Glock, but when your finger goes for that slide stop after a magazine change, you certainly feel the difference. A tiny bump that your finger can find quickly, making the exchange time as minimal as can be.

3. Extended Magazine Release Lever

Another “oldie but goodie” is the extended magazine release lever, very much in tune with the previous accessory. It is a time-saver, and when it comes to self-defense, it can literally be a life-saver. In a stressful situation, unless you are highly trained and skilled – sometimes, even then – your fingers can start to fumble and your mind can go blank. You need to be able to do what needs to be done, as quickly as possible. In a gunfight, you want to spend as little amount of time as possible with an empty magazine. This was actually added as a standard in the Gen4 series.

4. Magazine Well Insert

A very popular item, especially in competitions but also for everyday carry, is the magazine well insert. This is a very handy accessory that helps you heighten and control your magazine insertion technique as well as strengthen your grip. It is an extension that fits under the magazine well, and it provides a larger entrance for the magazine to slide into. This makes magazine changes fast, easy, and super smooth. The insert also makes sure that your grip is never too low since it forces your hand to arrive at a very precise location. It is an accessory that is easy to install, and while it may take some getting used to, it is one which is a must for those who wish to get a firmer grip and a quicker change of magazine. This insert includes a grip plug in it.

5. Light

The Glock 19 Gen3 and Gen4 have accessory rails below the barrel. One of the best possible purchases you can get for your Glock is a light. While it may make the gun a little bulkier (this actually depends on the kind of light you get), it is a must-have if you are carrying at night. Not all places have adequate lighting, and a good beam of light will turn that all around. Some may say that a laser is a better choice, but what good is a laser beam, when you are faced with the possibility of a pitch black night? A Glock tactical light with a laser option is having the best of both worlds, but if you have to choose, go with a light. It is always a very popular accessory.

6. Sights

Many owners choose to modify the original, factory-made Glock 19 sights. The reasoning behind this is that sight design which Glock provides is okay, but it is certainly not the best. The U-Dot sights may be good for the range, but they are not the best for a real-life situation. There is no tritium in the original sights, which makes them almost non-existent in low lighting or nighttime conditions. Your sights should be something you can practice with and rely on, and that is why many Glock owners choose to modify their gun’s sights. Popular sights are ones with tritium and fiber-optics.

7. Trigger

Glock’s triggers are great as they are, but still, there are many who choose to change the trigger so that there is a lighter pull needed for the striker to hit. This is not limited only to those in competitions but is also popular with everyday carriers. A lighter trigger means a quicker release, and that can make a big difference. Learning and knowing the subtleties of accurate trigger pulls will make you a more cautious and more aware shooter in the long run, which is something that many shooters want to achieve.

8. Grip

We’ve spoken a lot about grip in this list. Glock themselves have made somewhat dramatic changes to the Glock 19 grip over the years. Detailing, checkering, finger grooves, thumbs rests.  A good grip is essential, no matter who or what you are. Civilian, army, police – everyone needs to get a grip, so to speak. Grips are a very personal and subjective thing. Some may be perfectly content with whatever grip came with their weapon upon purchasing, but those who fire their weapon a lot find that the factory-made grips are okay, but not amazing. There are grip accessories out there which aim to make every draw a perfect one. The gun should fit into your hand like a well-molded piece of weaponry, and there are products – like grip sleeves and other add-ons – which can help you get to that level of comfort and confidence.

9. Magazine Extension

The ideal, of course, is to not find yourself in a situation in which you need to fire your handgun. But, when push comes to the proverbial shove, you have to exercise your right to self-defense and protect yourself. In a situation such as that, you need to make sure you have any advantage you can, and like I said earlier – in a gunfight, the last thing you want to be is empty. Adding an extra 2 rounds to the standard 15 round magazine, by way of a magazine extension, has always been popular. Sometimes, it is those last two rounds that will make the difference. You never know.

10. Slide Cover

Okay, this last one may not count as a must have, but it certainly gives your gun a lot of personality. The slide cover is customizable, and while it may not be necessary, it helps you feel more comfortable with your gun. So, yes, feeling true comfort with any weapon comes from hours of practice and proper training, but it never hurts to have the Thundercats emblem, mark of the Jedi Order, or Batman symbol on your Glock!

Best Glock 19 Holster

It has been a big year for Glock with the release of a few new and updated firearms, but this year was really special for me because of the huge improvement in the holster industry. Besides for the rise of BLACKHAWK! and CrossBreed, I was thrilled to see AlienGear unveil the Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster. In addition to upgrading their premier holster’s materials, durability, and aesthetics, the new Cloak Tuck is now available for over 500 different firearms. If you or someone you know carries a Glock 19, you would be mistaken if you don’t at least consider the new AlienGear.

Thanks for reading our Glock Accessories feature here at Gunivore!

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  1. You showed a mag reliease lever for competition can’t find any info on it , who makes it and where to purchase it.

    1. Vickers Tactical makes a nice one, so does and

  2. What’s your favorite sight attachment for a glock? I use mine for the range only. Is a red dot sight useful for the range? Or is it “lame”?

  3. Nice list. The Glock 19 has been my choice for concealed carry ever since Gen2. I don’t really think a mag extention qualifies as far as top glock accessories, though – virtuallty every firearm in the world has some kind of option for using extended mags.

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