Most of Trijicon’s catalogue is available to civilians and non-civilians alike. However, there is one section which is comprised of restricted equipment – the Trijicon SME Significant Military Equipment section.

So, first we must ask ourselves: what exactly is SME?

US Department of State
US Department of State

The Code of Federal Regulations (Title 22, Chapter I, Subchapter M, Part 120, Section 120.7) defines as follows: “Significant Military Equipment means articles for which special export controls are warranted, because of their capacity for substantial military utility or capability.”

So, in other words – these things are the real deal. Machines which can calculate a lot more than windage and elevation, and whose night vision capabilities are much more substantial. Machines which can wield great power, and for that reason they are not to be exported to private citizens. The direct sales and export of such articles is restricted to governments and municipalities only, or any other body which complies with the guidelines set forth by the United States Department of State.

Trijicon’s SME section is small, and it has three categories:

  1. Computerized Aiming
  2. Image Intensifier Technology
  3. Thermal Technology

Computerized Aiming

The computerized aiming category has a single product, the Trijicon Continuously Computed Aiming Solution (CCAS). The CCAS can accurately compute an aiming point, based on real-time environmental conditions. This is done by using ballistic equations, instead of the common G1 table (which is typically used in other ballistic modeling programs).

The CCAS takes in any and all condition: pressure, temperature, angle, range, and movement of the target. It factors in all of these variables, and automatically adjusts for changes in relation to the zeroing set-up. This results in continuously updated aiming and accuracy.

The CCAS is able to support multiple weapons, as well as multiple projectiles per weapon. This machine makes sure you first round is a hit, and it replaces the necessity for skills which are more advanced for some shooters – range estimation, windage adjustment, and angle of fire. The CCAS estimates ranges with an accuracy of 3.2 feet.

Technical specifications of the CCAS:

Trijicon CCAS-D
Trijicon CCAS-D


  • Magnification – 6x
  • Length – 9 inches
  • Weight – 72 oz., with mount
  • Reticle color – green (day), green (night)
  • Eye relief – 2.7 inches
  • Batteries – 12V Four (4) CR123 Lithium Batteries
  • Range – 2000 meters

The CCAS’s powerful range-finding laser is undetectable, even by night vision equipment. This is a huge advantage in any scenario. The CCAS is easy to control, and is a highly durable piece of military gear.

Image Intensifier Technology

This section of Trijicon significant military equipment includes 3 image-intensified weapon sights: the Short-range MilSight T90, the Mid-range MilSight T105, and the Long-range MilSight S135.

These sights can be used for more than just target acquisition. They can also be used for covert operations, surveillance, and for assisting special law-enforcement operations.

Looking for flexibility? The MilSight series can be used as a high-powered night vision weapon sight; as a long-range reconnaissance apparatus when mounted on a spotting scope; as a handheld observation device; and as an aid for any place and time where night vision capabilities are needed.

Some technical specifications for the long-range MilSight S135:

Trijicon MilSight S135
Trijicon MilSight S135
  • Magnification – unity (no magnification)
  • Dayscope Magnification – 3x – 20x
  • Length – 8.7 inches
  • Weight – 50 oz., with 2 batteries
  • Batteries – 2 common AA
  • Facial ID – up to approximately 600 feet (optimal contrast, ¼ moonlight)
  • Man ID – up to approximately 1890 yards (optimal contrast, ¼ moonlight)

The MilSight series is built according to ranges, in order to facilitate many different needs:

Trijicon MilSight T90
Trijicon MilSight T90

The T90 is ideal for close combat assault rifles, such as the M4, M16, AK-47, and others.

The T105 and S135 are both built for medium and long-range sniper weapons, such as the MK11, SCAR-H, .300 Lapua, .308 M24, and others.

These sights are small, versatile, and lightweight. They are simple to operate, with no complex menus or tables to navigate through. Their design enables them to be added to any existing scope, and provide it with night vision capabilities.

Thermal Technology

The last category in Trijicon’s SME section is a small collection of longwave thermal imaging tools, meant for reconnaissance and target acquisition. This collection includes: the Recon M18, the Recon M24, the ThermoSight T50, the ThermoSight T70, and the ThermoSight T75.

Trijicon ThermoSight T75
Trijicon ThermoSight T75

The Recon series is designed to be used as a thermal pocket scope. The M18 and M24 are handheld sensors, but they can also be mounted on a tripod. The M18 uses an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, and the M24 has a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen.

Both of these pocket scopes are fully ruggedized, in accordance with military standards, and they are highly reliable (over 3 hours run time). The M18 has video-output capabilities, and the M24 has USB input/output, as well as video output.

The ThermoSight series is designed to interface with other sights, or be used as a standalone device. It provides clear, crisp images through fog, smoke, dust, and even in complete darkness. ThermoSights are lightweight and compact, and they run on ordinary AA or CR123 batteries (with the exception of the T50, which only runs on CR123)

One of the most ancient – and irrevocably true – military creeds is “know your enemy”. You want to have eyes on your foes? You want to know who they are, what they are doing, where, when, how, and with whom? Trijicon’s SME is guaranteed to provide you with all the imaging technology you need, to keep you fully alert and prepared for anything.

Nobody wants to be surprised, whether it is on the training grounds or on the battlefield. Trijicon’s SME equals awareness, and in combat – where situations have the potential of becoming highly confusing and disorienting, and fast – awareness is everything. It gives you the high ground, in any situation. It is how mistakes are avoided during training, and it is how victories in hostile confrontations are secured.

Ultimately, combat training is the most useful thing a soldier can get, since it instills in you a readiness like no other. Part of being a good combat soldier (or officer, for that matter) is knowing how to use the best tools that are at your disposal. Knowledge is power. This is how battles are won. This is Trijicon. This is their SME.

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