Trijicon was founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon, under the name Armson USA. For several years, it was the importer of the South African OEG gunsight. In 1985, Bindon renamed the company Trijicon (pronounced Trij-i-kon). Rather than stick with importing and distributing other people’s products, Bindon moved on to bigger and better things. Trijicon started to engineer and produce night sights for handguns.

Trijicon ACOG
Trijicon ACOG

The company began its ascent to fame and fortune in 1987, with the introduction of the TA01 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). The ACOG was produced for the U.S. military, and it was very well received.

Trijicon’s headquarters are in Michigan, and it is still a contractor for the U.S. military. The company produces scopes, sights, and night vision equipment for the civilian, military, and law-enforcement communities.

Trijicon’s products can be broken down into several main categories –

Trijicon Magnifying Optics

These include:

  • The famous ACOG series – primarily meant for combat.
  • The AccuPoint series – variable scopes designed for sports and competitions.
  • The AccuPower series – variable battery-powered scopes, with multi-layer coatings and a hard aluminum body.
  • The Variable Combat Optical Gunsight (VCOG) – a variable battery-powered scope which takes after the ACOG, meant for combat.
  • The Tactical Advanced RifleScope (TARS) – a variable battery-powered scope designed for long range shooting.

Trijicon Reflex Sights

Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex
Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex

Included in this line of products are:

  • The Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) – a small reflex sight meant for rifles, carbines, and shotguns.
  • The Reflex – designed for short range encounters and close quarter combat, and allows the use of both eyes.
  • The Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) – available in LED, adjustable LED, and dual illuminator version, this is one of the best handgun/carbine accessories out there.
  • The Sealed Reflex Sight (SRS) – this is a very unique, battery-assisted design, which offers the shooter a big advantage in a small package.

Reflex sights offer no magnification, but they are very versatile, and are perfect for short range encounters.

Trijicon Iron Sights

Iron sights are the basics, whether for handguns and shotguns.

  • Bright & Tough night sights – a self-luminous 3-dot sight, which has become standard issue with many government agencies.
  • HD night sights – designed for law enforcement or military use, these sights provide the shooter with increased visibility and quicker targeting.
  • TrijiDot – a high-quality fiber-optic shotgun sight. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, it is a sight which is built to last.

Trijicon Archery Sights

Trijicon AccuPin
Trijicon AccuPin

Sights for your bow or crossbow.

  • AccuPin – this advanced bow sight system features a battery-free single pin with adjustable mount.
  • ACOG XB – a compact, lightweight, battery-free crossbow sight, which uses the very same technology as the ACOG. Illuminated by tritium or fiber optic.

Trijicon Observation

For the hunter and tactical shooter.

  • Binoculars – this compact and durable piece of optics comes in two models (10X42 & 8X42). Multi-colored fluoride lenses provide the viewer with phenomenal light transmission and unparalleled image clarity.
  • Spotting Scope – this is a serious long-range optic which features powerful 20-60x magnification, interchangeable lens capabilities, and dual focus knobs for absolute precision.

On top of these products, which are available for civilians as well as military personnel, Trijicon manufactures items which are meant to be sold exclusively to municipalities and government agencies. Tools such as handheld thermal viewers, computerized aimers, and image intensifiers.

Trijicon’s sight and scope solutions are manufactured for a wide range of weapons: handguns, bolt and lever action rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, crossbows, and archery bows. The company’s products were some of the first to take full advantage of the many possibilities brought on with the advent of fiber-optics and tritium sights.

The Famous ACOG Series

The ACOG series is what Trijicon is most famous for. ACOG scopes are used by U.S. Army, Marines, Special Operations, and many government and law-enforcement agencies. These unique scopes were originally intended for the M16/M4 platform, but they are also available for other types of calibers, like the .308. ACOGs have proven themselves many times over, on the range and on the battlefield, and they have become a staple of every combat soldier in this country, and many other countries. Soldiers and police entrust their lives to it, and it does not disappoint.

ACOG Scope
ACOG Scope

Magnifying power of the ACOG varies, with models ranging from 1.5x to 6x. The ACOG scopes have a fixed power of magnification. Some models are illuminated by tritium, others are illuminated by fiber optic, and some models incorporate both sources into a single sight, providing the shooter with the best of both worlds.

There are 12 different models of ACOG, each with its own unique power of magnification and objective lens diameter. The most popular model is probably the TA01 4X32 (4x magnification, 32mm objective lens).

By 2009, Trijicon had manufactured over half a million ACOG scopes, and more are being released every year. The TA01 is the classic, original, full illumination ACOG, and it is still going strong after nearly 30 years.

Trijicon Scopes and Sights

Trijicon scopes and sights have done some amazing things, but make no mistake – the company is not resting on its laurels. The company has been consistently innovating and advancing the field of firearm optics. It is a leader, and it is showing no signs of stopping.

In 2015 alone, Trijicon expanded the number of its reflex sight reticles, added new models to the AccuPoint and AccuPower series, introduced the next generation (Gen 2) ACOG, launched a new red dot optic for rifles, and introduced a green reticle option for its VCOG line. In the past year, the company’s MRO was named Optic of the Year by Guns & Ammo. Trijicon itself was awarded Optics Planet’s 2015 Brilliance Award’s “Night Sight Category – Brand of the Year.”

Another kind of ACOG which stands out is the combo model. This is one design which you cannot ignore. It is a combination ACOG and reflex sight, and it is as functional as it is beautiful. These come in a variety of 18 different scopes, with varying degrees of magnification and objective lens sizes.

ACOG Combo Model
ACOG Combo Model

Trijicon is on a mission – to provide innovative aiming solutions wherever they are needed, be it for civilians, military, or law enforcement. This company has been accomplishing its mission for over 30 years, and there is no telling what the future will bring. One thing is for sure: Trijicon’s future is looking bright. With these kind of high-grade optics, how could it not?

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