Strike Industries may be new – less than 10 years in fact – but the firearms accessories manufacturer is already developing quite a reputation for excellence. Garrett Keller opened the doors to his budding business with his knowledge of small arms and relied on his extensive military experience, where he served as SH/HH-60 Helicopter Crew Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator/Aviation Warfare Specialist. Interestingly, Strike Industries seems to rely heavily on repeat business, and it appears to be working. So, let’s take a closer look at their impressive collection of products and see what the fuss is all about.

Strike Industries Charging Handle

Charging handles are easy to overlook on a rifle, but this company believes true superiority lies in the details. Truthfully, because charging handles are responsible for loading new rounds into the firing chamber, it makes sense why they require superior quality. While they are better known for their value, it’s hard to ignore the multiple color options available for these charging handles.

strike charging handle
Strike Industries Charging Handles

In addition to their affordable prices, these often-overlooked accessories guarantee reliable receiver lockup and unbelievable longevity. It’s actually hard to imagine how durable and strong these guys are, especially when you realize that they weigh less than an ounce a piece.

Strike Industries J Comp

Compensators are now being produced by practically everyone and their mother, which makes choosing the right one increasingly difficult. Like any good compensator, the J Comp works to improve muzzle rise and is said to compare “to some of top-tier comps and brakes on the market at just a fraction of the price” (according to Primary Arms).

strike compensator
Strike Industries J Comp

In addition to effectively knocking muzzle rise out of the equation, the J Comp also noticeably reduces recoil and won’t add much noise either. While it is by no means a premium accessory, these brakes can probably hold their own against fan favorites such as the Lantac Dragon and Ferfrans CRD.

Strike Industries Dust Cover

It’s rare to see someone switch out a dust cover, but Strike Industries is looking to change that. The AR Enhanced Ultimate Dust Covers are inexpensive yet aim to provide shooters with first-class performance. In addition to its high-density polymer construction and adjustable detent set screws, the Strike Industries dust covers were built to attach and detach in less than 10 seconds.

Strike Dust Cover
Strike Industries Dust Covers

Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock

The Viper PDW Stock might just be their best creation yet. Starting from the back, the Viper rubber butt pad is just fantastic. As a PDW stock, they allow for incredible maneuverability and give users a serious tactical advantage. With just the press of a button, the Viper stock springs into its extended position to provide users with a more reliable and ergonomic shooting experience.

Strike Industries Featureless Grip

The Featureless Grip is the unfortunate result of blind gun control laws legislated in restrictive places like California. Because pistol grips are inherently evil and are the cause of crime and mass shootings, many manufacturers have had to come up with ingenious alternatives. The featureless grip is just one of these examples and is actually soaring in popularity. On the other hand, if you’re fortunate to live in a place that still believes in freedom, check out their impressive AR and AK enhanced pistol grips.

Featureless Grip
Strike Industries Featureless Grip


It was a true pleasure to get to know Strike Industries up close and personal. The budding company has a truly impressive collection of firearm accessories, many of which are surprisingly budget-friendly. Although they have developed such a reputation in a short amount of time and already produce so many accessories, I’m looking forward to seeing what Garrett Keller and his team will come up with next.

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