The SIG P250 has been around since 2007. The idea behind that gun was that SIG Sauer wanted to introduce a modular handgun, which could be modified and chambered in several calibers. In other words, a single piece of hardware which holds many possibilities. In 2007, The P250 was announced in 9X19mm Parabellum, and a year later came the .45 ACP compact version. More calibers were introduced over the years, and the P250 had 9mm, .45 ACP, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, and ,380 ACP variants.

The model we will be looking at is chambered in .22LR, which is currently the only one which SIG is officially displaying for purchase. More on that later, but for now let’s take a look at this compact-sized gun’s unique specs.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Specs

  • Caliber – 22 Long Rifle.
  • Operating system – short recoil.
  • Length – 7.2 inches.
  • Height – 5.3 inches.
  • Width – 1.4 inches.
  • Weight – 21.2 oz.
  • Barrel length – 3.9 inches.
  • Trigger pull – double action only, 6.5 lbs.
  • Cpacity– 10+1 rounds (standard).
  • MSRP – $379.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Modular Build

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Build

A single gun which transforms for different users and different missions. A “one size fits all” kind of deal, where the gun’s serial number doesn’t change, though everything around it might. The P250-22 is built on the same platform as the original P250, and it features interchangeable grips, interchangeable trigger system, interchangeable barrels and slide assemblies, ambidextrous slide lever, and reversible magazine release.

It provides a solution for many shooters, old and new, and it can fit any hand and serve any purpose, thanks to its special build. It is all about fast and easy customization, hassle-free adaptability, and quality every step of the way. Furthermore, the P250-22’s part count is pretty minimal, making this a very low-maintenance kind of firearm. Always a plus. The P250 has a picatinny rail on the lower front, which allows the operator to mount dots, lasers, lights, and other accessories.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Shooting

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Shooting

Well, the first thing I noticed actually happened after I was done shooting. The shooting was great, but then I found out that the slide doesn’t lock back on the last round. Not a deal-breaker by any means for me, but it may be significant for others. I like this gun a lot, and .22LR is always such a pleasure to shoot. Even after so many thousands of rounds, through so many different guns – I still feel all western-y when I load .22LR in a magazine.

If you normally don’t handle a double-action only trigger, it could take some getting used to, but it is all about practice. One thing you should keep in mind is that it is recommended your every day carry gun and home/car gun be of the same kind of system and controls. It is not a necessity, but it makes things easier. That way, you know your safety is here, your mag release is there, and your trigger requires this much amount of pressure. Just a thought.

Overall, a great target and plinking kind of gun. Your bottles and coke cans will love it! Some say .22LR caliber firearms are only fit for recreational activities, but obviously it can also be carried as a primary or backup gun if you want. Comes with 1 or 2 10-round polymer magazines, depends on who you are buying from.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Holster and Accessories

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Holster

There are several holsters specifically designed for use with the P250-22 handgun, and others which are fit for use with many brands and models, who happen to also fit the P250-22. A few notable examples are:

Accessories for this gun – other than holster and conversion kits – are mainly optic in nature. Red dots, lasers, and tactical flashlights. Much like the holsters, some of these optics are designed specifically for the P250-22.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Safety and Sights

A safety is another thing you need to think of, and when you are in a situation where you need to think fast and act fast, it could be an issue. For this reason – the desire to always remain aware and prepared – there is no safety lever or button on this gun. The firing pin lock and double-action trigger provide all the necessary safety, and allow the gun to be carried at a constant state of readiness.

There are two versions of P250-22. One with adjustable sights, and one with contrast sights. Neither one of these is a nighttime sight system, which is why it is also one of the first things people consider replacing. The contrast sights which SIG provides do work well in low lighting, but not as good as designated night sights. The three-dot system works, and it works well, but many still opt to switch the stock sights. Your call.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Discontinuation and Exchange Kits

SIG Sauer P250 Exchange Kits

In January of 2017, SIG performed a magic trick and made the P250 disappear. The only P250 in the SIG catalog is now the .22LR. The rest of the models have been discontinued, at least at the time when this article was written. What makes this gun a great deal, even with only one model available, is this: exchange kits. These offer centerfire capabilities to the rimfire P250-22, and convert the gun to 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. Some are saying that these kits are a waste of money, and wonder why invest in an exchange kit, when you could just buy a new firearm.

Well, it is a judgement call. These exchange kits have a MSRP of $379. For that money, you could technically purchase a new gun. Still, there is a lot of merit to these conversion kits, in my opinion. It allows you to retain the same general feel of a specific weapon. Note that switching from .40 S&W to .357 SIG or vice versa requires only a barrel, and not a full kit. The Barrel can be purchased from SIG. Other conversions require a new frame, since the magazine size is incompatible.

Exchanging one caliber for another takes no time at all. With a little practice, you could get it down to under a minute. Having the ability to switch caliber and frame size brings with it a lot of freedom, and that is part of what makes this gun such a great investment.  Exchange kits come with all necessary equipment and a magazine.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Price and Where to Buy

SIG Sauer P250 Firing

The price of a brand new P250-22 + 2 10-round magazines is $379. That’s right. Same price as an exchange kit. As usual, the street price of this gun and its various conversion kits will probably be less. Shops and auction sites offer good deals on a regular basis, so keep your eyes open to see if you can find a good price on a P250-22. Now that it is the only P250 available, it will undoubtedly have an impact on the prices of the other models. Time will tell, I suppose.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol Known Problems

There have been some conflicting stories regarding the P250, so let’s clear those up. The first generation supposedly had some issues, which were resolved with the release of subsequently-produced firearms. The newer generations are well-designed and well-made, and there are no known issues to speak of. In regards to the P250-22, no specific problems have been reported. If you do encounter an issue, remember that SIG offers a limited lifetime warranty on its handguns. Its customer service is known for its sincere desire to help the consumer out, so take advantage of SIGs knowledgeable reps and lifetime guarantee, and make the most out of your gun. After all, you need to be able to trust it. You never know when you’re going to need it.

SIG Sauer P250 Pistol vs. P320

SIG Sauer P320 Pistol

This semi-automatic modular handgun is an evolution of the P250. Introduced in 2014, it features a striker-fired system as opposed to the P250’s double-action only hammer-fired system. In January of 2017, it was announced that the P320 won the U.S. military’s modular handgun system competition, and that it is set to replace the M9 service pistol. It beat Glock, FN, and Beretta in the process, but no specific caliber has been specified as of yet. It is safe to assume that the Army will continue its use of 9mm, but we will have to wait and see.

One major difference between the two guns is their price. The P320 is significantly more expensive, with an MSRP of $597 for the Nitron Compact model, and with other models costing between $700 and $900. Another difference is that the P320 (in its standard confgiuration) has no manual safety switch. Some versions of the P320 do, but overall the P320 is meant to be carried in a state of readiness. The P320’s magazine capacity varies by version and size. The subcompact .45 ACP has a capacity of 6 rounds, while the magazine of the Tacops full size 9X19mm has a capacity of 21 rounds.


There are many advantages to .22LR firearms. The ammunition is relatively cheap and accessible, and more companies are investing time and money into the production of .22LR handguns. The P250-22 is a take on SIG Sauer’s P250, and I feel that SIG made the right choice by leaving the .22LR version up.

The P250’s exchange kits provide this gun with many other possibilities, and it is one of the stronger selling points of the P250-22. However, regardless of the exchange kits, it is a great gun to own. The price is right, the quality is SIG Sauer, and it is a lot of fun to shoot. Whether you are a plinker or every day carrier, you should be able to make good use of this gun.

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  1. Doesn’t locked in at the end — means your riding the slide lock. Make sure your thumb doesn’t hit the slide lock. This is quite common to those users who are use to glocks or other non-SIG products. I also adjust my grip, especially placement of my right thumb (as a right handed person) to avoid riding the slide lock.

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