Made possibly even more notorious of late, thanks to Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter series, this is a short article on a weapon which is said to be a favorite among gangsters, rappers, and probably gangsta rappers – the Draco gun. Incidentally, I am more of a Ravenclaw kind of guy. I still don’t fully comprehend why Slytherin would ever be kept on as a Hogwarts House after old Salazar up and quit 1000 years ago! But I digress…

What Is A Draco Gun

In essence, this is a Romanian variant of the famous Soviet rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1940s – of course, I am talking about the AK-47 rifle.

This imported miniature Romanian model – which is still being produced today, by the way – comes with a 12.25″ barrel, instead of the standard 16″ of its original Soviet counterpart. ‘Draco’ is actually stamped on the receiver itself.

Also, this AK variant has no shoulder stock, which makes it exceptionally small and compact, AND since it is stockless, it is legally considered a pistol in the United States, which exempts it from bearing that $200 tax stamp. No documentation needed. This gun is primarily shipped to the U.S. and probably other Western countries. But like many AKs and AK variants, it could very well end up in many different hands over time, and serve many purposes. AKs and AK variants can be found all over the world, and it doesn’t looked like that’s about to stop.

Named ‘Draco’ (Latin word meaning ‘Dragon’) by Century Arms who are currently importing it, this gun is a friend of home defenders, firearm enthusiasts, peacekeepers, warriors, weapons collectors, blood traitors and mudbloods alike. Ah well, there I go again. Last one, I promise.

Okay, let’s get into some specs:

Action – gas-operated with rotating bolt, semi-automatic
Caliber – 7.62x39mm
Length – 21.5 inches
Barrel length – 12.25 inches
Weight – 5.5 lb~
Magazine – 30 rounds (Capacity +1)
MSRP $724.99

If you wish to install a stock and use it as an SBR, you WILL need that tax stamp and authorization from the ATF, so make sure you comply with any Federal and State regulations which may apply to you and your weapon.

There is also the Mini Draco AK Pistol, which features a 7.25 barrel.

Action – gas-operated with rotating bolt, semi-automatic
Caliber – 7.62x39mm
Length -17.5 inches
Barrel length – 7.25 inches
Weight – 5.5 lb~
Magazine – 30 rounds (Capacity +1)
MSRP $724.99

And last – but certainly not least – there is the Micro Draco:

Action – gas-operated with rotating bolt, semi-automatic
Caliber – 7.62x39mm
Length -14.5 inches
Barrel length – 6.25 inches
Weight – 4.8 lb~
Magazine – 30 rounds (Capacity +1)
MSRP $749.99

But wait – there’s more!!

Century Arms also added the Draco NAK9 pistol to its list of Draco imports. This one is chambered in 9mm Luger, has a picatinny rail, and to top it all off, it accepts Glock 17 and Glock 19 magazines.

Action – blowback, semi-automatic
Caliber – 9mm Luger
Length – 19.1 inches
Barrel length – 11.44 inches
Weight – 6.38 lb
Magazine – 33 rounds
MSRP $724.99


The Draco series of pistols has been around since the turn of the millennium or so. There are varying opinions as to their value on the range, but the AK platform has certainly proven itself over the many years of its existence. There are always those who are going to hate on it and call it a piece of junk. Fair enough, to each his own.

Call it what you will, the Draco series is still going strong. Remember, this is not a battle rifle or a sporting rifle meant for long-range targets. It is a pistol based on the highly-successful AK-47 platform. And as such, it will prove to be great for some and near-useless for others. As always, it is highly subjective. I have no doubt that some AR15 models will be able to surpass the Draco guns in accuracy, etc., but it is all about the shooter.

The Draco series can be used reliably as a home defense weapon. The 7.62mm round is a serious one, and with 30 rounds in a magazine? Yeah. You have a lot of firepower and a winning cartridge.
Outside of home defense purposes – yes, I tend to agree that perhaps it is more for the “tacticool” factor than anything else. Nevertheless, it is a cute little AK, and that has merit no matter what the intended use it.

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