The Avtamat Kalashnikov model of 1947, commonly known as the AK-47 or Kalashnikov, is one of the most popular weapons ever to be invented. From the forests of wintery Russia, through the jungles of Vietnam, to the far corners of the world – everybody knows the AK-47, and everybody knows it is a force to be reckoned with.

Like other assault rifles (did somebody say M16 rifle specs?), this one also has many accessories: stocks, butts, grips, handles, sights, scopes, muzzle breaks, etc. These are meant, first and foremost, to benefit the weapon and the shooter alike. Adding tons of accessories, especially to a rifle like the AK-47 (which weighs enough as it is), is not always recommended. You need to be able to wield this firearm and use it, after all. This is no decorative revolutionary war musket that you hang on the wall – it’s a selective-fire assault rifle that is all business.

Here are some of the best AK 47 accessories.

AK Side Rail Optics Mount, by NcSTAR

NcSTAR has been around since 1997, and knows a thing or two about weapons. This rail mount is constructed of metal and it works as a dual mount (top/side), but it requires an AK mount base.

It fits perfectly, and any AK man would be happy to have this as an addition to his firearm. It attaches with Allan screws, exhibits zero play, and allows the shooter to attach a scope or red dot on top, and a flashlight or other accessory on the side.

It does tend to raise the height of certain optics, though. Be sure that you read through the dimensions carefully, and make an informed decision.

AGR-47 Rubberized Pistol Grip for AK, by Fab-defense

Fab-Defense is an Israeli company. Say what you will about their government’s policies, the Israelis know their weapons. This grip for the AK-47 is a rubberized version of an earlier model, which was also very well received and extremely popular.

AGR-47 Rubberized Pistol Grip for AK
AGR-47 Rubberized Pistol Grip for AK

Like the earlier model, this grip is made of polymer. It is a perfect fit to the AK-47 and most if not all of its variants. It even comes with an internal storage compartment. Its shape is very ergonomic, and it can fit and accommodate many different sizes of hands and grips. It features non-slip, shock-absorbing textured rubber, and it has a coating that helps this grip become of the of the AK’s best-selling accessories.

As with any firearm, getting a good grip on your weapon is key in getting that critical first shot out of the barrel, and it is a person’s grip which makes sure that follow-up shots will be just as accurate. Having your hands in the right place, so your eyes can stay on target, is all-important.

Generally speaking, there are four points of contact on a rifle: two hands, shoulder, and cheek. Any movement, any hand adjustment or repositioning, uses up precious milliseconds of your time. Time which could be better spent eyeing target. This is why you need to a good grip on your weapon, and it is because of this reason that Fab-Defense’s grip is on this list.

AK/SKS Sight Tool, by UTG

This is a must for all AK owners. With this tool, you can adjust the windage and elevation of your front sight. It is simple and effective, just like a good accessory should be. On that note – many associate the term ‘accessories’ with shooting, but not all accessories aid the shot. Some items – like this sight tool – are there to maintain the rifle, and help it stay operational.

UTG Sight Tool
UTG Sight Tool

Your AK’s steel sights are for primary and/or backup purposes. It is not recommended to abandon them completely. While you are out on the range – even if your AK-47 has the best scope in the world mounted on it – don’t forget to put a few rounds down range using the factory sights (or alternative ones).

This sight tool is easy to use. Need to make a quick adjustment? Don’t spend time and energy looking for something to improvise with. This is a designated tool for precisely that, and the price is right.

You’d think this kind of item wouldn’t be found on any AK-47 accessory list. It isn’t a high-tech piece of machinery, nor is it a cool futuristic optic. It is only a small tool. But, it is an important tool, nevertheless. It serves a very specific purpose, and it serves it well. UTG have been around for over a decade, and they are good at what they do.

Gun Case, by VISM

This rifle case is constructed from quality PVC. The inner padding is made of high-density foam, and it is equipped with a pair of heavy-duty zippers. There are five separate compartments for ammo and other accessories.

VISM Gun Case
VISM Gun Case

Available in black, green, and tan, this rifle case is one of the most popular accessories for the AK-47. Why? Because most AK users go with it to and from the range. AK-47s are not being used by the United States Armed Forces, so it is only civilians who are equipped with AKs and their variants.

VISM is a division of NcSTAR, and it was founded in 2010 to facilitate the growing need for high-quality shooting gear. This case is one of their best-selling models, and it is a best-selling AK-47 accessory in general. VISM’s case comes in different sizes, so make sure to order the right one for you and your rifle. The 5 magazine pouches are intended to handle AR-15 style magazines, but AK-47 style ones should fit as well.

Combat Butt Pad, by UTG

It is truly amazing, what a single inch of material can accomplish. This pad is designed to slip on and stay on. It helps with recoil a great deal, and it gives you a better looking shoulder.

UTG Combat Butt Pad
UTG Combat Butt Pad

The shoulder is usually the first of four points of contact between the shooter and the rifle (shoulder, cheek, hand, hand). It is also the organ which has the most chances of being left black and blue after an intense training session.

I recall my times in training, going through many infantry drills. When you need to get into position, you don’t think. You simply shove that stock – fast and hard – directly into your shoulder’s crevice, aim, and fire. Even when you are wearing a combat vest – and I was usually wearing my slightly bulky medic’s vest at the time – your shoulder can feel it. Back then, it wasn’t uncommon for my right shoulder to be looking pretty beaten up by the end of the day. It would go from normal to pink, then to red, then to black and blue, along with everything in between. Good times…

This butt pad is only an inch, but it gets a lot done. It fits many of the AK-47 and its variants, but there are some models where this butt pad will not fit as good. There are different – yet equally simple – hacks and quick fixes to this issue, but just so you won’t be disappointed – make sure that you have an appropriately-sized rifle, to which the pad can cling properly.

These are 5 of the top-selling AK-47 accessories. A weapon’s accessories are a matter of personal preference, opinion, and experience. You may have thought that this list would just be a bunch of scopes, but the truth is that scopes are not selling as much as these items. Plain and simple. Sure, some people are buying scopes for their AK-47. It can be important, depending on the shooter and his needs. But, we must remember that the Kalashnikov was designed for relatively close combat. It is a short- to mid-range assault rifle, and its existence is based on the assumption that – more often than not – your immediate threat and primary target will be less than 75 yards away. Getting into correct position, fast, and firing off that first round is paramount. This is why this list includes items like a butt pad and a grip, but has no mention of a scope.

The AK-47 still remains one of the world’s favorite assault rifles. It gained its popularity due to two main things: simplicity and reliability. These are two things which have not changed over the years. If it was accurate, but prone to jams, breakage, or sudden combustion – well, it may not have made it this far. On the other hand, if it had none of these faults, but was just too complicated to operate, it would not have risen to international fame and glory the way it did.

Likewise, the AK-47’s accessories are meant to simplify things further, not complicate them. Also, they are meant to be reliable. If an accessory does not perform those two tasks – in other words, if it is not simple or reliable – it is probably not worth the investment, no matter how cool it might look on your rifle.

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