EOTech has been around for many years. Ever since the mid-90s, they have been supplying civilians, agents, and combat soldiers with the means to defend themselves and take control of any situation. The company’s holographic sights are famous, as they have seen many battles, confrontations, and military operations. The Navy SEAL who took out Osama bin Laden reportedly had an EOTech holographic sight mounted on his weapon.

Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs

Now, EOTech has decided to branch out into the magnifying optics market. The company stated that in the coming summer (August, 2016), a brand new line of precision rifle scopes named ‘Vudu’ will become available to the general public.

Introducing the New EOTech Scope

A high-quality magnifying scope on your rifle can make a real difference. It provides a great deal of situational awareness and confidence is your shot. When it comes to combat, it means that you see the enemy before he sees you. You need to make every shot count, and the EOTech Vudu scopes for rifles will be there to make sure your bullet hits the mark.

Initially, the Vudu line will include these 3 models:

As of now, it seems that these battery-powered scopes will be designated for use by all: civilians, officers, agents, and soldiers. The scopes are broken up into short, mid, and long-range application. The higher the magnification, the longer the suitable range.

Some technical specifications:

EOTech Vudu model 1-6x24
EOTech Vudu model 1-6×24

Model 1-6×24

  • Magnification – 1-6x
  • Objective lens – 24mm
  • Length – 10.6 inches
  • Illumination – battery-powered
  • Housing – aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Weight – 19.75 oz.
  • Eye relief – 1x: 80-100mm – 6x: 82-102mm
  • Battery – CR2032
  • Battery life – approximately 10,000 hours at optimal conditions (minimum brightness, room temperature)
  • Tube diameter – 30mm

Model 2.5-10×44

  • Magnification – 2.5-10x
  • Objective lens – 44mm
  • Length – 14 inches
  • Illumination – battery-powered
  • Housing – aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Weight – 26.8 oz.
  • Eye relief – 2.5x: 87-97mm – 10x: 86-100mm
  • Battery – CR2032
  • Battery life – approximately 10,000 hours at optimal conditions (minimum brightness, room temperature)
  • Tube diameter – 30mm

Model 3.5×18

Reticle of EOTech vudu scope
Reticle of EOTech vudu scope
  • Magnification – 3.5-18x
  • Objective lens – 50mm
  • Length – 14.8 inches
  • Illumination – battery-powered
  • Housing – aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Weight – 33.23 oz.
  • Eye relief – 3.5x: 86-100mm – 18x: 87-100mm
  • Battery – CR2032
  • Battery life – approximately 10,000 hours at optimal conditions (minimum brightness, room temperature)
  • Tube diameter – 34mm

Note that the largest of the 3 scopes comes with a 34mm tube, as opposed to the standard 25mm or 30mm tubes in which many scopes are set. This means that the light collection – and transmission – will be superb, and this will allow the device to produce an image that is true and accurate.

All Vudu Scope models will feature a first focal plane design, which means that a shooter will be able to gauge distances at any magnification level, and fast. The reticle will be brightly lit whether it is day or night, and because of the focal design, it will not get smaller as the magnification grows.

A word on battery life: yes, you did read that correctly. EOTech anticipates a battery life of around 10,000 hours, though the exact specifications will be more finalized once this product reaches the shelves.

EOTech – VUDU Scopes – 2016 SHOT Show Live Fire

Vudu Rifle Scope Pricing

EOTech knows how to manufacture quality items. The company has been proving this since its inception. The lenses used in the production of these scopes are of coated, extremely clear, High Density (HD) glass. Whether it is CQB, mid-range engagements, or long-distance shooting – the Vudu will be able to deliver.

The prices (taken from the EOTech website) are as follows:

  • 1-6x – $1,299
  • 2.5-10x – $1,549
  • 3.5-18x – $1629

Obviously, these are preliminary numbers, and they do not necessarily reflect the final prices. Until these beauties hit the market, everything is up in the air. One thing is for sure – for better or worse, you get what you pay for. Put very simply: quality items such as these will not come cheap. However, once you have made the decision to purchase a quality riflescope, you should not let the price deter you.

Vudu Riflescope
Vudu Riflescope

Buying an inferior (and cheaper) scope is tempting, but it can come back to bite you on the ass. You may start missing your target, losing your zero again and again, and this could lead to feelings of incompetence and frustration with yourself and your weapon.

EOTech knows that people are serious about their weapons accessories, especially when dealing with optics and electronics. Shooters want to know that they are getting the very best when they put their hard-earned money down on the counter. For over 20 years, EOTech has been working very hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

These Vudu scopes are poised to be some of the finest riflescopes the world has ever seen – hard, rugged, and reliable. EOTech has stated that these scopes will be warranted by a lifetime guarantee. This demonstrates just how confident EOTech is in their product. And now, all that is left is to see is whether these scopes can live up to the accumulating hype.

Based on their previous track record, I think it is safe to say that the odds are in EOTech’s favor. Something tells me that the EOTech Vudu Riflescope series will not disappoint.

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