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If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably find yourself constantly upgrading and customizing your 10/22 on a monthly basis. Ruger is known and most popular for its ability to be customized. You are able to make it your own in every sense of the word. That being said, when you take apart your gun and build it up again, or even when you’re just cleaning it out, things can get messy. This is why I found the TekMat to be a awesome accessory for a great price. Let’s get right into it.

Easy Cleaning and Upgrades with TekMat

Ruger TekMat

Ruger TekMat

What TekMat for the Ruger 10 22 does is simple. It portrays the fascinating mechanical assembly of each firearm accompanied with data, history and details on each gun that it represents. Cleaning or upgrading your gun can sometimes be a hassle; however, when placed in front of one of these gun mats, it no longer has to be. Aside from the aesthetic and intellectual appeal, TekMats also serve as great protection by keeping your 10/22 safe and sound.

The surface of the gun mat is soft and made to protect your gun from scratches while the rubber backing will help to absorb damaging impacts from accidentally dropping your gun or parts while working on them. This backing also serves to help hold the mat in place while it is in use. This keeps the surface of the gun pads completely soft and even, and helps make sure that the print will last through repeated washing and cleaning of the gun mat.

Product Details

Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22

TekMat is the leading gun cleaning mat with an overall bird’s eye view of your rifle .The mat prevents oils, cleaners, and lubricants from ruining whatever surface it is you are working on.  It measures 12″ x 36″  so it’s a pretty decent size for the gun to have plenty of room. It is a black mat imprinted with a birds eye view of the Ruger 10/22 layout. As mentioned, the back is rubber, which is great because it keeps the mat in place and makes sure it doesn’t slide. The top is polyester so it won’t harm the rifle’s finish.

Looking to own one? TekMat prices range depending on where you buy one. I bought mine off of Amazon for $20.00 along with free shipping and I’m pretty satisfied. I think that it is a fair price for a great and useful product.

The diagram that’s displayed on the surface is clear and very helpful when you find yourself staring at a pin that mysteriously slid off. I use water-based cleaning solvents, but I have used harsher ones in the past and I know that it doesn’t eat at the mat or the diagram printing.

My experience with the mat has been great.  This TekMat is the perfect size to clean the 10/22. You can get your parts and cleaning products all on the mat. Something that’s a really great feeling for me is that I can clean my 10/22 on the dining room table without leaving a trace that anything was ever there.  The rubber backing is sturdy and grips any surface well so it won’t slide. I would gladly use similar, corresponding mats for my other firearms. This is without a doubt something that every gun owner should have in their house.

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