The Glock GT03374 tool, made by the Glock company, is a pin punch designed for use with Glock firearms. This punch allows you to field strip your pistol with greater ease. It is made for removing the locking block, trigger housing and also the trigger pins. It will also work for the magazine floor plates.

The Glock GT03374
The Glock GT03374

The amount of pins change from generation to generation. Some guns have one pin, some have two, and the Gen 4 has an extra pin in the back (it is there for backstrap removal and installation). This small, yet highly useful, tool measures approximately 3 5/8 inches from end to end. It is small but essential. It saves time, and in my opinion it’s a must have for anyone who owns a Glock. It can be used for every single model, and that is already worth it. This tool is a useful addition to any cleaning kit or gunsmith’s kit.

Glock Disassembly

Simply put the Glock Armor Takedown Tool Punch assists in the disassembling of your Glocks magazine and sights. If you own a Glock you need a Glock tool. This thing allows you to punch pins and readjust parts. Disassembling a Glock is fairly simple. This is due to Glocks simple design and economy of parts.

Before you disassemble your Glock it is important to do a safety check. Make sure your weapon is unloaded. Although this tool looks simple it is the key to take your gun apart efficiently. Whether you are taking your magazine apart to replace the springs or adding an after market striker to the barrel the Glock tool will get the job done. Reassembly of the Glock is a breeze.  This is one of the many reasons gun owners love their Glocks.

Accessory Specs

The pin itself is metal, and the handle is plastic. The metal shaft is somewhat bendable, so you need to be careful not to use too much force when you are maneuvering the punch.

The price for such a tool hovers at around $10. Like I said, it is a cheap price, but not a cheap tool. It is handy, lightweight, and strong. BTW, I also recommend buying the Glock work area mat. It has a diagram on it which gives you a better idea of the inner-workings of your pistol, and familiarizes you with the proper terminology and parts of your Glock.

This isn’t to say that you couldn’t use something else. Obviously, you could. But, it is better to save yourself the hassle, spare your poor fingers, and purchase an original Glock tool. If you invested several hundred dollars in a handgun – and probably some more in a holster – invest a few dollars more and pick up this tool.

The Low Down on the Takedown Tool Punch

Glocked and loaded
Glocked and loaded

Good things come in small packages, and this small package is no different. This is the kind of tool that you may not find yourself using on a daily basis, but when the time comes when you do need it, you will be glad it is right there, waiting in your kit. It takes the ‘pain in the ass’ factor right out of the equation, and that is why it is totally worth the price.

There are other companies (such as Lone Wolf Distributors) who produce similar tools. They may be good, they may be bad, and they may even come with extra attachments. With Glock, you know you are getting a quality item that won’t damage your slide or barrel, and you have confidence in it from the start. If you are a Glock owner, or are looking for a small gift for a Glock owner, the pin punch will make an awesome addition to anyone’s maintenance kit. Trust me, the time will come when you will be very thankful for spending a bit of time and a bit of money to purchase this unique little Glock tool.

How Disassembly Tool Made Me A Safer Gun Owner

Knowing how to disassemble your gun is integral to gun maintenance. There are any number of issues that will arise and you will need to know how to fix them. Regular maintenance is recommended as general practice as well. Making sure your Glock and its various parts work smoothly will ensure a confident shot. The disassembly tool has allowed me to be a safer gun owner. In the past I would use whatever I could find to push the pins and pry apart the different pieces of my gun. Obviously this was stupid and definitely not the right move. That all was solved with the disassembly tool. This tool put everything I needed to work on my Glock in one place. This has made me more knowledgeable about how my gun operates. I have taken the thing a part and back together countless times. I could probably do it with my eyes closed at this point. Along with a general understanding of gun safety and regular shooting practice I have become a fairly competent gun owner. The results of all this is that I am now a safer gun owner. Everyone benefits when you are a safer gun owner.

Nate M.

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