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So many firearms brands, so little time! At Gunivore we sort through the riff raff and bring you the most relevant, useful information in regards to every major gun brand. Give us a look and read about your favorite brand today!

Kel-Tec Overview and History

Whether you’re talking rifles, shotguns, pistols, or more, few do it better than Kel-Tec. Want the 4-1-1 on one of the leaders in the gun industry? Check out our Kel-Tec Overview and History, here at Gunivore!

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Benelli Firearms Overview

When I think guns, I think Benelli, and it’s hard not to. It’s hard to think of a gun company that makes as many different kinds of firearms as Benelli does as well as Benelli does. Check out our Benelli Firearms Overview to learn about one of the top firearm manufacturers in the world.

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Glock 37 Gen 4 Review: .45 Auto, Glock-Style

Glock has introduced a number of guns which are .45 Auto caliber, but they have their own .45 caliber – the .45 GAP – as well! Glock presents the 4th generation of their .45 GAP-using Glock 37 – read about it in our “Glock 37 Gen 4 Review: .45 Auto, Glock-Style” feature!

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