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Shooting a rifle just might be the most satisfying experience you’ll ever have in your life. A close second to that experience, however, would be reading all about rifles here at Gunivore – so get started today!

M16 Top Stocks and Stock Accessories

Of the available M16 top stocks and accessories, which one best fits your needs? That depends on the designation of your rifle and your personal philosophy. Learn all about the M16 Top Stocks and Stock Accessories in our overview feature on all-things M16 Stocks! After reading you’ll be sure to know what you’re looking for! […]

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Magpul Company Overview And History

Magpul is a force to be reckoned with in the firearms industry, with a devoted following of amateurs, professionals, law enforcement & military personnel. From the history of Magpul, to it’s top-selling products, to its company philosophy and outlook, we cover all of the ins-and-outs of this firearm industry leader in our extensive Magpul feature. […]

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M16 Best Selling Accessories

Different products serve different purposes, but some remain more popular and stand the test of time. Whether you want to learn more about guns, trick out your M16, or just enjoy reading top-5 lists, our feature is sure to engage you! Here are some of the M16 best selling accessories on the market today! Please […]

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M16 Muzzle Devices Explained: Muzzles Made Easy

The main M16 muzzle devices are muzzle brake, flash suppressor, and compensator. Each has its own pros, and therefore is best suited for different needs. Check out our feature on the top Muzzle Devices for the M16 here, from the .223/5.56 Steel Shark, Fishbone Muzzle Brake, by AP-MFG to the .223 1/2×28 Competition Muzzle Device […]

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M16 Optics: An In-Depth Explanation

The M16 is one of the most deadly, effective, and customizable guns available. One of the most common areas of the gun that sees user customization is that of the optics of the gun. M16 optics are an advantage for hunting, combat, & many other situations. The specific accessory for you depends on what you […]

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M16 to M4 – Technical Specs

Ever wanted an answer to the age-old question of which gun is superior, the M16 or the M4? Get the low-down on both guns in our new comparison feature! Compare and contrast the M16 and M4 on a number of different technical specs, including materials, rifling, sights, magazines, and muzzle additions. Please follow and like […]

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History of the M16 Rifle

For years, the M16 has stood out as a unique design. Learn more about the history of the M16, from its earliest inceptions up till the present day. One of the most famous firearms in the history of guns, the M16 has had an enormous effect on history – read all about it in our […]

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