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SMG’s may not be everyone’s favorite weapon, but they are an absolutely essential gun category nonetheless. Find out what an SMG can do for you today by getting the 4-1-1 from some of our SMG features here at Gunivore!

Developed during World War One, the submachine gun is now a fixture and a staple of the gun community. Now, SMG’s are never my cup of tea when playing Call of Duty for example, but in the real world, there’s no doubt that SMG’s are extremely handy. Renowned for its pistol-cartridge-firing ability, ergonomic and manageable build, and ease of use, the SMG has served patriots for generations and remains an excellent, versatile type of firearm to this day. It’s not just a machine pistol – it’s a submachine gun.

PPSH 41 Rifle Review

The PPSH is one of the most historically significant rifles, but how much do you really know about the Soviet SMG? Find out here at Gunivore! Please follow and like us:

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