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ACOG vs EOTech Rifle Sights

Table of Contents EOTech Holographic Sights for Rifles Trijicon ACOG Sights for Rifles Best Optical Accessories for Your Rifle Conclusion When it comes to scopes and optical accessories, people are pretty loyal. They find an optic which they are comfortable with, and they stick with it. Two of the most popular optics are Trijicon’s Advanced Combat […]

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EOTech Holographic Sights Review 2017

Holographic Sights are one of the very best options in terms of sights and overall accessories when it comes to enhancing your aim, shooting ability, and overall firearm experience. Regardless of whichever model you select, the clear glass quality and small dot make EOTech Holographic Sights ideal for long-range shooting. Please follow and like us:

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Trijicon MRO

The Trijicon MRO is the latest in Trijicon’s line of revolutionary reflex sights. It is definitely one of the finest reflex sights on the market today. Servicing gun users of all ages and experience levels, the MRO is one of the very best accessories made by the world-class Trijicon – read all about it in […]

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Trijicon AccuPoint Review

This Trijicon AccuPoint review will examine the series of magnifying optics, introduced in 1998 & meant primarily for hunting & sport/competition shooting. Trijicon has impressed the gun community man times over with their impressive array of sights, optics, and gun accessories – the AccuPoint is one of the very finest of these world-class offerings. Please […]

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Trijicon ACOG Scope Optic

The Trijicon ACOG scope optic has been making quite a name for itself since 1987, and is still considered a legendary rifle sight to this day. From military use, to law enforcement use, and to servicing private citizens around the world, the Trijico ACOG Scope Optic has been utilized and celebrated everywhere since its development […]

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Backup Iron Sights for Rifles

Thanks to Holographic, Laser, & Telescopic sights, backup Iron sights for Rifles are often ignored. Nevertheless, they still serve a very important purpose. The iron sight is the classic, most commonly relied on sight for gun owners, and as such it is one that you would be well served learning as much about as possible. […]

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Types of Sights and Scopes for Rifles

When it comes to sights and scopes for rifles, you need to ask yourself two questions: what am I using this weapon for, and how much am I willing to spend? These are important questions that our feature – Types of Sights and Scopes for Rifles – can certainly help you answer! Familiarize and educate […]

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