One of the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a firearm is ensuring that it runs like a well-oiled machine. When someone describes something as operating like a well-oiled machine, they mean that it operates smoothly and flawlessly, functioning at full capacity, and producing maximum output. Hoppe’s extraordinary line of cleaning products offers just that.

For a gun to perform the most effectively, it requires regular maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication. This may seem burdensome, but many shooters actually find cleaning their guns to be relaxing. There are many reasons to keep your weapon clean, which we’ve discussed previously. In short, the more a gun is fired, the more gunk and carbon build-up can get stuck in between the components.

This can cause a serious decline in accuracy and even produce dangerous malfunctions. Hoppe’s has been dedicated to weapon maintenance and upkeep for over 100 years and their great product line clearly illustrates that experience yields quality.

Hoppe’s 9 Lineup Overview

Hoppe’s 9 Products

Hoppe’s is your one-stop-shop for gun cleaning materials; they sell everything from field wipes to gun cleaning pads. With so many options to choose from, it’s vital to find the right product for your specific needs. In addition to their essential oils and lubricants, Hoppe’s also offers a wide variety of products designed specifically for gun bores (interior of the barrel). This includes foaming cleaner, copper and black powder cleaners, and the standard Hoppe’s 9 gun bore cleaner. These are great for removing old powder, lead, gunk, and rust. A favorite of mine that I never go camping without is Hoppe’s 9 Gun Grease.

It’s incredibly versatile; it works great on guns, tools, and fishing gear. Another one of their more unique products is the Blast & Shine Barrel Blaster. It blasts away oil and grease easily without requiring any disassembly. Last but not least, is the gold standard of gun oils: Their top selling Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil. Their standard No.9 lubricating oil comes in either a 2 ¼ oz., 10 oz. or 4 oz. bottle, or the increasingly popular 14.9 ml precision bottle. Hoppe’s oil offers a refined high-viscosity lubricant that won’t harden or spoil. I’m a second generation Hoppe’s user, and I highly recommend it to anyone and for any firearm.

Although cleaning your gun is a must, keeping your gun well-oiled is also crucial. Part of what makes Hoppe’s 9 oil special is its tough protection against extreme weather and harsh conditions. With this product, just a small drop can mean a big difference.  In addition to their lubricating oils, Hoppe’s also makes lubricating field wipes. First off, I can’t see any reason why any hunter wouldn’t pack these; secondly, any shooter who travels with their gun would be mistaken to not keep a pack of these handy. Besides for great products, Hoppe’s also designed a line of cleaning kits and bore snakes.

Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil Description

Hoppe’s products contain some of the finest and safest ingredients in the business. Their high-viscosity lubricating oils and moisture displacing lubricants are not only effective at cleaning and protecting, but are also environmentally safe. Just because they are safe for the environment, doesn’t mean they are safe for you! Please read the instructions and safety precautions before using; any contact with skin/eyes or ingestion is dangerous –be careful.

Where Can I Buy Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil?

Hoppe’s cleaning products are available virtually everywhere. If you’re buying online, I’d check out Amazon –they tend to have good availability, reviews, and prices. However, because they have such a diverse line of products, I recommend actually going to a store and talking to salesperson. They may have an inside scoop as to what exactly you might need. Your best bet is to check out Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Dick’s, or Gander Mountain. Any of these places should have what you need readily at hand.

How Does Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil Compare To The Competition?

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil

Hoppe’s products are best-selling for many reasons. Shooters have trusted Hoppe’s for over 100 years because they believe that it’s the most well-rounded product out there. However, there are other companies that are better suited for specific tasks. For instance, I know a lot of older guys who prefer Ballistol because it comes in an aerosol can, meaning less work on their hands. Another example is M-Pro 7 Gun Oil.

Although I think that Hoppe’s cleans better, M-Pro 7 tends to last longer. Also, if you’re particular about what’s in your lubricant, Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil is definitely more eco-friendly (not to say that Hoppe’s isn’t, just not like Ballistol). One of Hoppe’s outstanding qualities is the precision bottle; with this, the hard-to-reach areas of your gun have never been easier to clean. Furthermore, in terms of viscosity, Hoppe’s is one of the best for protecting against the elements.

Overall, Hoppe’s is a great investment for all types of shooters with all types of guns. It may not be the best in every category, but it sure is top 3 in nearly every rank of best lubricating gun oils.


There are a plethora of reasons to keep your gun oiled, and countless lubricants to match. It’s hard to find any ranking of gun lubricants that doesn’t include Hoppe’s 9. For over 100 years, the American company has been engineering high-quality firearm cleaning kits and materials. Hoppe’s has solidified itself as one of the best-selling gun oils in the world, and for good reason. Besides for their standard 9 lubricating oil, they also manufacture impressive greases, kits, cleaning pads, solvents, wipes, and sprays.

It’s not hard for me to recommend Hoppe’s to people – it’s a product that I was raised using and plan to continue to use. Earlier this week I used some Hoppe’s to clean my Glock 19, Kel-Tec KSG, and FN FAL. Three different firearms, three serviced well by Hoppe’s. I have no doubt that my children will also rely on Hoppe’s for all their gun cleaning needs. The only negative comment I’ve heard about Hoppe’s is about their price. I think these criticisms are unfounded. A bottle of Hoppe’s can last for years, and since it doesn’t expire, it’s an investment worth every penny.

Whether you go for the iconic orange bottled 9 oil, the Moly Aerosol, or the Blast & Shine Barrel Blaster, you can be sure that you have a top-notch American-made product that can revitalize your firearm.

Thanks for reading our Hoppe’s feature! We will be bringing you plenty more on gun oils and cleaners here at Gunivore, but in the mean time, check out our new SIG P238, P938, and P250 reviews!

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