People buy quality gloves for cycling, driving motorcycles, climbing, shooting, fighting the elements etc’… Many times, you can use one pair for several uses, but the variety of styles and offerings can still be really overwhelming. I was a bit cash strapped when I went looking for tactical shooting gloves and I was able to find a pair that offered good quality for a really decent price: FREETOO’s Hard Knuckle Full/Half Finger Tactical Gloves. We detail them here in our FREETOO Men’s Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Review.

Importance of Gun Gloves

freetoo fingerless gloves
freetoo fingerless gloves

Wearing shooting gloves to begin with is a matter of personal preference. There are some who would never consider wearing them while handling a gun, and there are those who don’t visit the range or go hunting without a pair on at all times. If you’re going to shoot in gloves, there are three main things to consider. First of all, your gloves should fit like a second skin, and not slide around, hampering a proper grip. Second, the slide of your handgun needs to get over the top of your gloved hand. Finally, your finger has to fit inside the trigger guard, and have sufficient finger flexibility and tactile sensation to pull the trigger. When it comes to selecting the right pair, gloves need to have enough protection to deal with everything from cuts and scrapes to the rigors of combat.

When I served in the military, I found that good tactical gloves served many purposes and contributed towards successful operations. They come in a variety of materials, each style built for maximum comfort and protection using high strength and flexible materials. When in the field, a soldier can encounter hazards such as razor wire, jagged terrain, fire, hot weapon barrels, cold weather and more. A soldier can become mission-ineffective simply by having hands so cold that they can’t be used or getting a minor cut on a finger that turns septic during a long operation. Although an operation may start out warm and dry, it might end up freezing cold and wet with no relief in sight. Tactical gloves provide protection for your hands while allowing you the best grip you can get for your gun, knife, or whatever the situation requires. 

It is worth noting at this point that you have to practice with shooting gloves. If you think you can shoot glove-less and then automatically shoot with the same skill gloved you are wrong. If you decide you want to shoot with gloves I recommend shooters practice with the gloves on always. You may find it uncomfortable at first but that is the point. It will allow you to become comfortable with wearing gloves while handling a gun. Your gun control when not using gloves will greatly improve as a by-product. There are many types of shooting gloves on the market and it is important to know the difference between the different types. The categories breakdown into pistol, carbine and warm gloves. I will not be getting into the details of each now but it is important you know they exist.

Freeto Tactical Gloves

freetoo hard knuckle
freetoo hard knuckle

FREETOO’s half and full fingered hard knuckled outdoor gloves are designed with tactical operations in varying environments and conditions in mind. These rugged light-weight gloves are well made, fit true to size, are warm enough to wear in 50 degree weather and breathe well on hot days. The molded hard plastic knuckles protects against abrasion injuries and work well if you need to punch something or someone. The reinforced anti-skid palm soaks up sweat, impact and vibrations. The anatomically designed microfiber material gloves (with some spandex) offer ventilated comfort and good flexibility, and are suitable for any action that requires relatively fine motor capabilities. The wrist straps ensure a good seal to keep the dirt out and a proper fit. Keep in mind that these are not really meant as winter gloves, because they do not retain heat that well.

Unless it is really freezing, I personally prefer the half-finger gloves for shooting, as I like the tactile connection and sometimes the use of a nail comes in handy! I would not recommend them for everyone though. If you are a amateur shooter it is best to stay with full fingered gloves. I have been training for years and my skin is tough as nails. My palms sweat a lot when I’m in tense situation or when it is hot, and these gloves allow me to keep a good grip on my weapon, even after I’m shooting for a while. I have no problem racking the slide, pulling the trigger, switching magazines, or field stripping my pistol when I’m gloved.

Though they lack gel pads in the palms, they are comfortable for cycling and motorcycle driving, and can be used for paintballing, hunting and range shooting, batting, combat etc. I wish they were waterproof, and had wrist loops for easy carry, but at this price you can’t have it all.


Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re riding a bike, paintballing, conducting military operations, or just spending a day at the target range, you need to keep your hands in top shape. I know for a fact that there are better gloves out there, but for under $25 I am really happy with these surprisingly durable versatile gloves. Be sure to choose the right sized glove for a proper tight fit, and whether you’re using them for cycling, shooting or just to keep your hands protected, they will get the job done and look bad-ass while doing so.  


  • Nice tactical look.
  • Velcro adjustable at the wrist for tight fit and seal.
  • Easy to handle and grip weapons.
  • Molded hard knuckle protects against impact and abrasion injuries.
  • Anatomically designed for an exceptional fit.
  • Material is lightweight and breathable so your hands stay cool and comfortable in any environment.
  • Reinforced anti-skid palm provides added durability and grip.


  • Not waterproof.
  • No wrist loops.
  • The full fingered version is not touch screen adapted (though it manages decently anyway).
  • Lack of heat retention makes them unsuitable for cold weather.

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Nate M.

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