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Zore X on a Handgun

There are few timelier and more relevant issues in the world right now than that of gun control and gun safety. One of the most polarizing topics in the news lately, though divisive in nature, everyone can come to an agreement on certain gun-related issues – like the idea that exercising gun safety when already in possession of a firearm is an inherently positive thing. Keeping your gun in a safe place and out of unwanted hands is one of the most integral elements of gun safety, which makes gun locks one of the more useful devices in ensuring that your gun is secure. Gun locks, which are designed to prevent weapons from discharging unwantedly, come in several different forms and styles and are made for every kind of firearm available, from the Kel Tec KSG to the Glock 19 Gen 4. Generally speaking, gun lock models are non-electric, which renders them sturdy yet inefficient as it takes precious time to open them when in need. The concept of a smart gun lock has been foreign until recently, and has certainly not been perfected or made ideal – fingerprint enabled models could be compromised by anything from sweat to rain, and RIFD technology is dependent on gun owners wearing a ring or wristband – absent that, they’re out of luck. Recognizing this, Zore – a startup gun safety company – sought to create a gun lock that combines the best in all kinds of gun-locking mechanisms – safety, ease of use, accessibility, etc. With the Zore X, by Zore, we might have finally found the perfect gun storage system – a gun lock that taps into the good and not the bad in smart locks and non-electric locks alike.

The Zore X Gun Lock

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The Zore X

The Zore X is a groundbreaking gun storage system that features technology and ease-of-use that could revolutionize gun safety. With an easy to use dial code that can unlock your gun in under 2 seconds, Zore X has developed an innovative unlocking mechanism that is fast, reliable and easy to operate, even in the dark: The Rapidial. The Rapidial is an electromechanical unlocking dial that counts the clicks while you turn it, regardless of the dial starting point or the direction you turn it in. The Rapidial recognizes your combination of clicks and opens immediately – you can set any code you want – from a very basic code such as 1-2, or something more complex such as 5-2-6-4-5. The core principles behind the Zore X, however, are just as much about knowing what is happening to your gun when it’s not on your person as much as it is about unlocking the gun easily and efficiently. When locked onto your gun, Zore X features two modes – ‘awareness’ and ‘locked’. The awareness mode alerts the user via their mobile device when any movement is detected in the weapon, and when the weapon itself is needed, charging it will eject Zore X and chamber a fresh round. When the gun is in ‘locked’ mode, the gun cannot be charged by anyone. If someone tries to charge the gun while locked, the locking mechanism expands, preventing the gun from being loaded. The expansion of the cartridge puts no pressure on the barrel of the weapon, and therefore will not cause any damage to the weapon. Zore X can even be unlocked from your phone – but locking the device can only be done by physically pressing the lock button on the Zore X. It should be noted that Zore X is a standalone device – downloading or using the mobile app is not necessary in order to use the lock; it merely taps into the full potential of the lock.

zore x app
Zore X App

The Zore X connects to phones via Bluetooth, but is also available with a ‘Zore Bridge’ – a bluetooth to wifi router that, when plugged into the wall near your gun, will alert the user of their gun’s movement from anywhere in the world. The mobile app even comes equipped with a trainer feature that surprises gun owners during a pre-determined block of time and measures their response time in terms of how long it takes them to reach and unlock their weapon. For those who do not lock up their guns, but still want to be alerted of their guns movements, there is the ‘Zore Watchdog’ – a notification device developed by Zore. Watchdog attaches to guns via a magnetic strip, its sole purpose being to notify gun owners of potential movement of their firearm and of potential tampering. The Watchdog can even be placed on the drawer or door that houses the gun, and the user will be alerted of movement to the drawer all the same. Zore X features an impressive year-long battery life with a number of fail safes and battery-related precautions built into the device – for example, users will receive notifications prior to the battery running out about the status of the battery.

Pricing and Availability

Founded by a group of veterans of IDF special forces and elite technological units, Zore X took two years to develop, having been finely tuned and perfected to suit the needs of any kind of gun owner. Available in caliber variants such as 9×19, .40 s&w, .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO, Zore X is still in the crowdsourcing stage of its launch – the Zore Indiegogo campaign has now raised an impressive $340,000 USD+, or over 240% more than Zore’s stated original campaign goal. The company hopes to begin mass production of the device in October, with quality assurance tests with IDF units scheduled for shortly thereafter. The Zore X is available now via Indiegogo for $95 USD – or 44% less than what the retail cost of the device will be at the time of the full launch – with first shipment to campaign backers expected in February 2017 (Zore Watchdog is available on Indiegogo for $49 USD, the Zore X with the bridge will cost $125 USD).

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