Firearm Accessory Flash Sale

Flash Sale Details

Flash sale date: 8 pm July 20th -12 am July 22nd EDT, lasting 28 hours

ALL items below are Limited Edition! Check out this great sale here.

1) PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey, 30% off (MAP: $139.95; Sales price: $97.97) Bundle: PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey+ RPL-7 Gunmetal Grey, 40% off (MAP: $169.9; Sales price: $101.94) 

2) M2R Pro (Patriotic Edition), 30% off (MAP: $119.95; Sales price: $83.97) Bundle: M2R Pro (Patriotic Edition) + i5T OD Green, 40% off (MAP: $152.9; Sales price: $91.74) 

3) Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green, 30% off (MAP: $149.95; Sales price: $104.97) Bundle: Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green + i5T OD Green, 40% off (MAP: $182.9; Sales price: $109.74) 

4) i5T OD Green, 25% off (MAP: $32.95, Sale Price: $24.71) 

Mega Pack Bundle

40% off (MAP: $472.75; Sales price: $283.65), PL-Pro Gunmetal Grey + RPL-7 Gunmetal Grey + M2R Pro (Patriotic Edition) + Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green + i5T OD Green 

Flash Sale Free Tiers

1) Over $99 get a FREE I3E BK (MAP: $9.95)

2) Over $219 get a FREE S2R Baton II (MAP: $69.95)

3) Over $319 get a FREE SEEKER 2 (MAP: $109.95) 

Note: Buy a PL Pro Gunmetal Grey bundle or a Seeker 2 Pro Mint Green to get an I3E BK for FREE. 

Get all these amazing deals right now at the Olight Store.

PL Pro Gunmetal Grey 

  • 1. One of the brightest weapon lights on the market, with amazing 1,500 lumens. 
  • 2. Multi-platform weapon light, easy to attach to a pistol or a rifle. 
  • 3. Magnetic charging and remote switch connections share the same port. 
  • 4. Limited edition with the most popular color. 
  • 5. Quick attach lever allows for installation in about just one second. 

M2R Pro (Patriotic Edition) 

  • 1. Most popular color, and it’s limited. 
  • 2. Amazing 1800 lumens output and 300-meter beam distance. 
  • 3. Using a powerful 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery. 
  • 4. Magnetic charging. 
  • 5. Convenient and easy to operate with dual switch. 
  • 6. Aggressive bezel making it a perfect tool for self-defense.

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