Paintball might be all about intimidating machine guns and grenades, but when you are out on the battlefield, trudging through the trenches, dodging bullets and thinking of ways to outflank your opponents, it is always wise to have a trusty sidearm as a backup option in case your main rifle jams or runs out of ammunition in the midst of battle. A lot of players just do not realize how important a backup gun is until they find themselves surrounded by six opponents, without any means of fighting back.

Paintball pistols are in a lot of respects different than larger sized paintball guns, so the factors you took into consideration when buying a submachine gun, for example, do not apply in this case. Here are a few trusty paintball pistols that every player should own.

Tippman TiPx

Tippmann Pistol
Tippmann TiPx Paintball Pistol

Many avid paintball players deem Tippmann as THE place to go if you are looking to buy the best paintball pistols on the market. So, it should come to no surprise that our first choice for this write-up is a gun from Tippman’s line of products. The TipX is one of the most reliable paintball pistols currently on the market, for several reasons. First, it features a compact, lightweight design, which means players can easily carry it around without feeling overburdened. This factor is especially important since, as a paintball player, you will already be carrying your main gun and whatever auxiliary equipment you decided to bring along with you, like extra ammo, supplies, and so on and so forth.

The Tippman TiPx features two seven ball magazines, each carrying .68 caliber balls. A simple pull of the trigger will send the bullets springing through the air with a rate of fire of 8 BPS. Furthermore, it comes with a spool valve system that ensures steady recoil and ease of firing. All in all, Tippman delivered a reliable pistol that is fun and easy to use both for beginners and paintball veterans.

Tiberius Arms T8.1 Paintball Pistol

Tiberius Pistol
Tiberius Arms Paintball Pistol

If you want a sleek and trusty gun that will make you feel like a true commando, then you should look no further than this pistol from Tiberius. The T8.1 features an all-black color scheme and a sturdy and durable construction, similar to the classic Desert Eagle. However, this comes with a price – measuring over ten inches, it is surely not the most compact paintball pistol on the market.

On the upside, the Tiberius T8.1 handles itself perfectly in short range combat where, if you learn how to manage the gun’s recoil, you will rarely miss your target. On the downside, the accuracy starts to gradually drop once you exceed the distance of 25-30 feet. But to be fair, pistols are not meant for long-range combat anyway, so the accuracy dropping at long distances should not be a deal breaker for anybody.

Kingman Training Chaser

Kingman is amongst the best producers of paintball pistols, a statement which you will surely agree on as soon as you get your hands on of their products. The Training Chaser is, in many respects, the ideal gun for rookie paintball players for two reasons. First, its features are designed with beginners in mind, as its ergonomic design encourages proper and safe gun usage. Secondly, it sells for a very low price, which makes it the ideal choice for people who are looking for an entry-level paintball pistol.

The Training Chaser boasts a sturdy aluminum and polymer body that is capable of sustaining lots of abuses. The gun carrier .43 caliber paintballs, with a speed of up to 250 feet per second, which is quite excellent as far as sidearms are concerned.

T4E Walther PPQ .43 Blowback Paintball Pistol

Walther Paintball Pistol
T4E Walther PPQ Paintball Pistol

With a maximum velocity rating exceeding 300, Walther PPQ is one of the most powerful paintball pistols that you can buy. The PPQ is a near perfect replica of the real gun, a fact which will be surely appreciated by players who value realism. But what makes this gun stand out from the others, apart from the realism factor, is its versatility, as the magazine supports both .43 caliber rubber balls and paintballs. Its strength is provided by the 12-gram standard CO2 cartridges.

The gun boasts a sturdy and quality build which ensures confidence, as well as a steady recoil. Some people might consider the Walther PPQ as being a tad overkill for a mere paintball sidearm but, if you want to add an additional layer of realism to your paintball sessions, this gun will deliver in spades. However, when sporting such a powerful weapon, remember that paintball can prove dangerous when safety rules are not followed.

Empire BT SA-17 SA17 Paintball Pistol Marker Gun

Our final addition to the list is the Empire BT Paintball Pistol Marker Gun. Although the low price may make you think that the quality and accuracy will leave room for improvement, customers say that it has both of both worlds. The gun is accurate at 50 feet and as a user, you will be able to place multiple rounds on top of each other at that certain distance. This makes it a great gun for circumstances like shooting around a corner with a low profile or situations like close quarter shooting for room to room.


Paintball is not one of those hobbies that people can pick up once every few months – it has the potential of becoming a lifelong passion, and the thriving and dedicated paintball community stands as living proof. If you already own a main gun and want to purchase a reliable backup pistol, make sure to give one of these products a shot and you will not be disappointed. Take into consideration the price you are willing to spend on the pistol, the features you want it to have and the expectations you have for the product when purchasing one. By doing your research properly and setting some certain standards, you will be able to make the right purchase.

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