* Disclaimer* This is by no means an advertisement. It’s more of a way for me to show appreciation towards those who work at Vet TV for their innovative work towards helping military veterans.

Vet TV is a fantastic steaming platform that makes original content aimed at military veterans and anyone with a dark, slightly twisted, sense of humor. They parody the military experience in an attempt to bring awareness to and prevent veteran suicide.

Their content includes series, films, and shorts. The content varies as well including some portraying military personnel in combat situations, support and supply troops, and even what veterans face when they return to civilian life.

Nevertheless, all of its content follows pretty much the same theme of humor. They are currently attempting to parody the military experience for every MOS (Military Occupational Speciality code) in order to not exclude any military personnel. This is a great way to bring back the sense of community and connection that many veterans lack with their return to civilian life.

The rate of veteran suicide is completely unacceptable and is arguably attributed to social isolation. Vet TV aims to shed some comedic light on the issues facing veterans and give them a digital community to help them feel less alone. However, it’s not just for veterans, Vet TV has plenty of content for anyone who enjoys dark parody humor. 

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Veteran suicide is a real issue facing the military and our society as a whole. It is obvious that the government does not have the means to actually deal with the issues facing military veterans once they return to civilian life. The need for a solution has to come from within the veteran community itself.

Vet TV is an excellent resource for veterans to use to help them face the specific issues that afflict them in the civilian world. The relatable content gives veterans the feeling of not being alone and having something they can connect with in the civilian world. Vet TV obviously does not solve all the problems facing the veteran community today but it is a fantastic asset that should grow, be given support, and be used by those who need it. 

Criticism – Vet TV has come under some heat for its content. Its crude and graphic depictions of the nature of warfare and the actions of soldiers has not been received well by everyone. It makes some people feel uncomfortable to hear people joking about death and killing. This kind of drives home the point of why veterans need their own entertainment platform. Yes, Hollywood makes films about war and about issues that veterans face, but these are all done by snobby Hollywood celebrities who have never actually seen or done anything.

After experiencing life in the military and being exposed to life overseas, it makes sense that the veteran community would not enjoy the soft Hollywood version of military life. The criticizers of Vet TV should probably just shut their mouths and just give a huge thank you to the veterans that allow them to live in a free and safe country. 

The owners and operators of Vet TV could do a lot of good with the right resources. Veterans know what veterans need to stop this epidemic of suicide within their community. Giving some support to Vet TV is a great way to give support to the veteran community as a whole. If you aren’t interested in a subscription to their channel, they also have a shop on their website where you can purchase apparel and accessories. The t-shirt selection is very funny and subtle in its presentation. At a glance, most people will not even realize the shirt is a reference to something or inappropriate joke. 

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