As the ancient proverb says: if you’re going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk. I could not agree more. When it comes time to draw your weapon, be it for defensive or combat situations, it should only be in order to fire. Drawing, holding, aiming, and taking the shot. It all sounds good in theory, but in reality things could be less simple. Of course, this also depends on the amount of training an individual has undergone. The point I am trying to make is that it is crucial to have a good, solid grip on your gun. A gun is only as good as the hand of the one holding it.

Glock Grips

Granulate Texture Grip
Granulate Texture Grip

One way of increasing the grip strength is by adding grips for your handgun. The Glock 17 has many different grips to choose from, and the one I choose to focus on today is the Talon grip. These come in two textures: rubber and granulate. Both are good at what they do, it is simply a matter of taste. Luckily, this item isn’t too expensive. Obviously, it is still money, so make sure you get something which you can actually use on your gun.

Whether it’s the rubber or granulate texture, grips are available for a multitude of Glock models, including the ever-popular Glock 19 Gen 4. If fits over the standard-sized 17 like a glove, and it creates friction between the hand and the gun. This friction is necessary in order for sweat (for instance) to not get in the way of you getting that round out of the chamber and hitting the target.

The purpose of any bullet (that is, one which is fired with premeditation) is to hit the target. The Talon grip helps you stay on point. It gives you confidence in your firing stance. There are times when we begin to perspire, or when our hands are otherwise moist. These grips may not be of help if your hands are covered in grease, but they will act as friction enhancers in most cases. Better friction means a better, tighter grip, and that can make all the difference.

Rubber Texture Grip
Rubber Texture Grip

Talon grips are made of a patented single-piece wrap-around adhesive. They go on very easy, allow some amount of maneuvering, and after they are warmed up (using a blow drier or heat gun) they will last a long time.

Some Talon grips are specifically made for Gen 4 Glock guns. If that is the case, choose the panels you want to use before applying the adhesive grips. Once you put these grips on, you are stuck with whatever panel you chose, until you decide to replace the grips or remove them altogether. Either way, choose wisely.

When you are in a high-pressure situation; when you have to make split-second decisions; when you are literally ‘under the gun’ – you don’t want to spend any time adjusting your grip. You want it to be such an automated response, such a natural draw, that no adjustments are necessary. Muscle memory goes a long way, and when dealing with life-threatening situations it is best to be prepared.

These grips won’t completely revolutionize everything you have ever known about holding a gun. After all, this is where the Glock really stands out. It is so simple to use, and that is part of what makes it one of the most popular guns in the world. What these grips will do is give you that extra sense of familiarity. After training with the grips, you may even notice some improvement at the range.

Benefits of Talon Grips

Talons are thin and sturdy. They are used by law enforcement officers, government agencies, military personnel, competitive shooters, and everyday carriers. They have nearly no thickness to them, so they won’t get in the way of anything. These won’t dramatically increase your grip size, so there are no worries there. Just take them out, put them on, heat them up, and get ready to feel better about your gun-holding technique. It literally feels better, and that makes a difference to me. It personalizes the gun a little more, in my opinion.

I have tried the granulate as well as rubber textures. My personal favorite is the rubber one, because it gets the job done without being as sand-papery. Then again, if you know for a fact that (let’s say, for arguments sake) you get very sweaty when you are firing, consider getting the granulate one since it may be better for you. Some fear the texturing getting caught in shirts or other kinds of clothing. This is especially true of those who are carrying a weapon in concealment, but it could be true for any carrier. It’s a judgement call, purely based on convenience.

When I was carrying with granulate grips, I had no issues. But I can see why some would prefer to bypass the whole thing and order the rubber texture. I liked the rubber more, because it felt smoother. Smoothness was important to me, and I made the right decision. You have to feel comfortable with your firearm. Extremely comfortable, even. You need to strive to make it your own – not necessarily by buying every possible accessory or upgrade, but rather by making sure that the additional glock accessories you do buy are personalized as much as possible.

Talon grip
Talon Grip

When you are carrying a weapon you are comfortable with, you will gain a special kind of calm confidence, which is essential in handling life-threatening situations. If you are trained, you will be confident. If you are confident, you will know how to act. If you know how to act, you will be able to do your best to protect yourself or your loved ones. That is what this second amendment to the constitution is all about. Protection.

In recent years, that ancient second amendment debate has been subjected to renewed scrutiny by academia and the judicial system. I am in no way versed in the many cases, closed and ongoing, which make up the legal side of things, but I do know that gun owners are taking a lot of heat. All I will say is that I am of the firm belief that it is the people, not the guns, who are responsible for the killings which we keep hearing about.

Glock 17 grips
Grip for Glock Handgun

But, I won’t get into that old discussion now. I am here to talk about the Talon grips for the Glock. These grips are relatively cheap to buy, but are not a cheap item to possess. Treat them right, put them on as per the instructions, and you will be able to use them for many years to come. I have several firearms, and all of them are fixed with the Talon grips. It was one of the first of several add-ons that I have purchased over the years, for my different guns, and I am very pleased with the way they are performing.

The Importance of Effective Grips

If it has not been stressed enough in this article having a confident grip on your weapon is crucial. We never know when we will have to draw our weapon but odds are when you do it will be stressful. Stress can manifest in many ways. Many people talk about their palms getting sweaty. This can only work against you when it comes to having to handle a Glock or any other handgun. Imagine yourself in that moment, gun drawn and ready for anything. The problem is that your hands are sweaty and the gun is slipping making it nearly impossible to get a good shot. Why even risk it?

This pinpoints the importance of a grip that is effective. Like the Talons of birds of prey Talon grips allow you hand to sit firmly on the handle of your gun. Whichever grip texture you choose it should be one that keeps the gun steady in your hands. I personally like the granulated texture. I tend to have moist hands and the granulated grip keeps my hand firm even with the sweat. The rubberized grips are great too but can get slippery. Effective grips are grips that do the job for you. I have found that the factory Glock grip is comfortable as well, especially the Gen 4’s. As we all know Glock is a blank canvas and are just asking to be optimized. From grips to sights Glocks can be customized to fit your needs. Some upgrades are cosmetic and others are more practical like Talon grips.

Talon grips and others like them are great additions to any handgun. The thing that I  think should be stressed  is the importance of a proper grip on your gun. If you do not know how to properly grip your gun no amount of upgraded grips will help you or your shot. This is why I stress that folks take their guns out to the range and practice. Like anything in life there is a proper technique to effective shooting. That is where you should start. If you have a Glock 17 and find it difficult to achieve a solid grip you may want to look at a different model like the Glock 38 and 39. Glock is all about options.

Nate M.

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