Monthly Archive: March 2016

featured trijicon binoculars

Trijicon Observational Optics

The HD Binoculars and HD Spotting Scope – these unique Trijicon observational optics are top-of-the-line, and suited for recreational & tactical uses alike. Especially good for hunting and spotting, Trijicon produces a world-class line of Observational Optics that aren’t simply limited to their line of firearm optics and sights!

featured archery image

Trijicon Archery Sights

Of the two Trijicon archery sights currently on the market, the AccuPin Bow Sight System and the 3×24 ACOG XB Scope, each will appeal to different people. Not content with becoming the world standard in rifle manufacturing, Trijicon does a heck of a job producing top of the line Archery Sights as well – we’ve got em’ covered right here.

featured trijicon night sights

Trijicon Iron Sights

The Trijicon iron sights series keeps expanding to include more brands and models. As with all Trijicon items, their iron sights are of the highest quality. While new and exciting technological developments have led to some incredible new innovative sights and scopes, something nothing beats the good old fashioned and reliable iron sight!

featured trijicon srs02

Trijicon SRS Sights

Trijicon SRS sights are rugged reflex sights that incorporate a larger aperture for maximum situational awareness. Essentially, big help in a small package. The SRS sights are some of the most unique and inventive sights you can possibly hope to find on any kind of gun, let alone a high-powered rifle. Trijicon has outdone itself once again!

featured trijicon rmr

Trijicon RMR Review

Our Trijicon RMR review will teach you all about this remarkable red dot sight, which comes in both LED and tritium/fiber-optic options. No matter the user, regardless of age, gender, or experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a firearm fan who didn’t fall in love with the RMR after first use – read all about it now!