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Factory sights can be a hit or a miss, but sometimes you just want that little extra edge, and that’s where aftermarket sights come in to play.

Luckily there are a ton of different sights to choose from, and we’ve got ’em all covered right here at Gunivore!

Whether you’re in the market for tritium, fiber-optic, or anything in between, our team of experts is ready to help.

Looking for a new set of optics? Check out our reviews on some of the top sights and scopes the industry has to offer!

Primary Arms Review

Primary Arms manufactures some of the most impressive affordable optics, but how do they compare to market staples like Aimpoint and Trijicon?

ACOG vs EOTECH featured

ACOG vs EOTech Rifle Sights

Table of Contents EOTech Holographic Sights for Rifles Trijicon ACOG Sights for Rifles Best Optical Accessories for Your Rifle Conclusion When it comes to scopes and optical accessories, people are pretty loyal. They find...

Aimpoint History and Products Overview 2018

Aimpoint History and Products Overview 2018

Like gun history? Like the universally beloved gun accessory manufacturer, Aimpoint? You’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure! Our new feature, The History And Products Of Aimpoint takes a look at one of the most innovative companies to produce scopes and sights for firearms today.

ready for action

Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot Sight Review

When it comes to sights, one of the most popular options is definitely the red dot sight. Handy, inventive, and straight forward, the red dot sight is effective in helping with targeting in both tactical and recreational situations. The Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot sight is, in many people’s opinions, one of the greatest combat optics ever to be engineered – read all about it in our feature.

Aimpoint H Series

Aimpoint Hunter Series Review

Our Aimpoint hunter series review will delve into the many benefits of this scope series as well as possible applications and over-all sight specs. We’ve already covered the M2, M3, and M4 when it comes to Aimpoint – now get ready for a whole new Aimpoint series about the incredible Hunter Series! Read on now!

the time tested Comp M2

Aimpoint Comp M2 Review

The Aimpoint Comp M series is highly regarded and for good reason. From the M4 to the M3 to the M2, Aimpoint’s game has been on point. The Aimpoint Comp M2 is (or rather, was) one of Aimpoint’s most successful products. It is a sight which has been issued to many units, around the world. Read on to learn more!

Aimpoint CompM3

Aimpoint Comp M3 Review

An absolutely top-notch firearm accessory company, Aimpoint offers quality and effectiveness in all of its sights and accessories, However, the M3 could just stand above the rest. The Aimpoint Comp M3 is one of the greatest red dot reflex sights ever invented. Aimpoint Comp M3 is respected by military organizations all over the world.

Aimpoint Comp M4 Sight Review

Aimpoint Comp M4 Sight Review

The Aimpoint Comp M4 sight is in my opinion and in many others’, one of the finest sights ever to be invented. A feature that sets it apart is battery life, and there are a number of other features and specifications that go into making it one of the most celebrated M4 sights ever – quite simply, a monumental achievement from Aimpoint.


The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2

These EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2 series of sights offer more reticle options and more compact package, but what are the Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2? EOTech makes a distinctive and diverse line of sights and reticle options, but no two options are the same – in this feature we clear up the differences between two of EOTech’s finest.

EOtech 512 VS XPS2

The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and 512

The difference between EOtech XPS2 and 512 is minute. These two sights are similar in a lot of ways and they were even engineered with similar advantages. However, these two EOTech offerings are not without difference, advantages, and disadvantages – check out our new comparison feature to learn all about the difference between the EOTech XPS2 and 512.