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Alexander Arms Company Overview

Alexander arms is the most innovative company in the weapons industry who you haven’t heard of. Check out their top-shelf rifles and cartridges here!

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Charter Arms Company Overview

Charter Arms is one of those hidden treasures just waiting to be rediscovered. Check out this American gunmaker’s excellent collection of durable revolvers.

Armscor Company Overview

Armscor is one of the most underrated firearm developers in the world, but the Philippines-based gunmaker has plenty of sweet weapons to offer.

Franchi Firearms Company Overview

Franchi shotguns are by no means standard weapons. The Italian gunmaker proudly produces a collection of versatile shotguns for all your shooting needs.

Henry Repeating Arms Company Overview

As one of the top-five long gun manufacturers in America, Henry is responsible for some of the finest, traditionally-built rifles on the market.

Daniel Defense Company Overview 2018

After two decades and two major military contracts, Daniel Defense offers some of the most incredible AR-15s on the market – You do NOT want to miss out!

Sig Sauer P320 Review

As the new U.S. Military sidearm, the Sig P320 might just be the most impressive pistol on the planet. Learn more with our in-depth review here at Gunivore.

Hi-Point Firearms Company Review: Hi-Quality Firearms

Hi-Point may have finally perfected the balance of affordability and quality. From build to firing, this is a gun company that most certainly is on top of its game. Check out our Hi-Point Firearms Company Review to find out what exactly Hi-Point is doing right.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Overview

Barrett Firearms is known for producing some of the most accurate and powerful weapons on the market. It’s no surprise to see how widespread they’ve become.