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There’s nothing quite like a good concealed carry weapon. They’re small, easy to carry, easy to draw, and offer tremendous peace of mind to their owners. Well, get some peace of mind of your own by reading about compact guns here at Gunivore!

HK P30SK Review 2018

The H&K P30SK is one of the best polymer pistols on the market and for good reason. Join us as we journey to discover what makes this pistol so special.

Sig Sauer P320 Review

As the new U.S. Military sidearm, the Sig P320 might just be the most impressive pistol on the planet. Learn more with our in-depth review here at Gunivore.

Hi-Point C9 Pistol Review

Don’t let Hi-Point’s bad rep deter you from these ultra-reliable guns, find out if these CCWs are actually worth a shot with our Hi-Point C9 Pistol Review.

Hi-Point CF-380 Pistol Review

Looking for a new trustworthy pistol or carbine for an affordable price? Then the Hi-Point CF-380 pistol or carbine might be right for you.

Springfield XDM Handgun Review

The Springfield XDM is the kind of versatile gun that you can definitely rely on and be proud of. My favorite component is the interchangeable back straps.

Kahr MK9 Review – The Elite

After reviewing several of Kahr’s handguns, I’m starting to think that the MK9 might just be their flagship CCW.