Unlike handguns, shotguns and rifles are not as easy to carry to and from the range. They are a lot less discreet, and in states where open carry is not permitted, it could be a potential issue.  For this reason, special shotgun carrying cases were designed. They are made from all kinds of different materials, and have varying dimensions and levels of hardness. Some of them will just barely fit the KSG, while others will fit not only the KSG, but offer space for extra cartridges and a number of accessories.

Cases are ideal for several reasons:

  1. They protect the weapon while in transit.
  2. They conceal the weapon. Nobody is looking to freak out civilians on the way to and from the range.
  3. They are very convenient, and provide a designated place for mags, ammo, and accessories. The Kel-Tec soft case attracts particular attention, since it was designed specifically for the KSG.

Staying mobile with a weapon like a shotgun or assault rifle is not always easy. With a case, you will be able to move around with greater ease, and know that your weapon is sitting safely inside of it. Aside from security issues, it is important to remember that weapons are expensive. It is in your best interest to keep your KSG from being damaged, and a protective carrying case can achieve just that. Keep your weapons safe, so you can go on protecting yourself and the ones you love.

Read on for a small selection of KSG carrying cases.

Bulldog Cases 35-Inch Tactical Shotgun Case
Bulldog Cases 35-Inch Tactical Shotgun Case

35-Inch Tactical Shotgun Case, by Bulldog Cases

This case measures 8 inches in height and 35 inches in length. It accommodates shotguns up to 33 inches in length. This case is made out of tough nylon, a very durable and water-resistant material which can handle rough treatment and harsh conditions. The inside of this case is lined with brushed tricot material, which is soft as well as scratch-resistant. The padding in this case is 1 3/4 inches thick, and the case also has two external pockets with elastic loops, which can hold 12 additional shells. With a KSG, it will be a snug fit. A muzzle break, for instance, will stick out the side of the case.


  • Exterior: 35 inches x 9 inches
  • Interior: 33 inches x 8.5 inches.

Diversion Carry Racquet Bag, by Black Hawk Inc.

This case is meant specifically for purposes of concealment. It is designed to copy the look of a regular tennis racquet case, and can help you keep your weapon protected and safe. The case has padded walls, along with an inner shell which masks the shape of the firearm. This Black Hawk bag is constructed of a durable 420-Denier velocity nylon, and has within it an internal divider (for carrying up to two weapons).  Lockable zipper sliders are included, and the case itself is made of high-quality materials. Fits the KSG perfectly, along with some extra space for accessories.

Pillared Take Down Gun Case, by Plano

This case is perfect for traveling with your over-under or side-by-side shotgun. It features the patented PillarLock system and is lockable and airline approved.

  • Includes Plano pillared take down gun case, nameplate order form
  • Molded in handle
  • Lockable and airline approved
  • Patented pillarlock system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Interior Dimensions: 3.625 X 35.25 X 7.625 inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 4 x 36 x 10.8 inches
Padded Soft KSG-915
Padded Soft KSG-915

Padded Soft KSG-915, by Kel-Tec

This soft case was made by Kel-Tec to accommodate the KSG with precision. It can also house 28~ shells of your favorite ammo. Most optics and accessories will also fit (if they are installed). Muzzle attachments, however, will most likely extend out the side of the case.

Dimensions: 28.5 inches x 11 inches.

Covert Homeland Security Gun Case, by UTG

UTG really made a great case. This is a great size – not too small, not too long, and not too bulky. Good for side carry, as well. The interior of the case has 2 rows of Velcro straps (3 on each row). These straps fasten the weapon securely, making sure everything remains safe and in place. The front pocket comes with a pistol holder (and Velcro strap), along with magazine pouches for pistol and rifle mags. It features a standard carry handle, but also has adjustable padded backpack-like straps in the back. The interior is cushioned, and the bag’s zippers are good quality. This case fits the KSG nicely, even with an accessory or two.

Dimensions vary, since there are several models to choose from. From 25 inch to 42 inch cases.

Ultimate Carrying Case

Each carrying case highlighted in this article has it’s pro’s and con’s. When buying a carrying for your shotgun you want something that will protect your investment. Let’s face it you probably have dropped a nice chunk of money on your weapon. A carrying case will ensure your gun stays in top condition. This lengthens your weapons lifespan. I prefer carrying cases with a little extra room for all I need on a given outing. For me it is important that any case I use has room for ammo. This is why I like the KSG-915. But although ammo is important, bringing along a maintenance tool can be extremely helpful. When you are out on the range or in the middle of wilderness any number of complications can arise. When you have a maintenance tool handy you can fix the problem quickly.

I also bring along eye and ear protection. We have written previously on the benefits of wearing ear protection when shooting. Guns are loud and without proper protection you can do some serious damage to your ears. Same with the eyes. Whether it’s gun smoke or debris you want to make sure your eyes are protected. This last thing is something that I personally like to bring along on my trips, targets. It can be something as simple as a paper target. Targets allow you to practice your shooting skills in a constructive way. So no matter which carrying case you choose make sure that it is tough and big enough for any accessory you may want to bring along.

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