Guns, like any mechanism, require vigilant maintenance and cleaning. Tending to a firearm can be tricky; there are loads of products, methods, and reasons out there for weapon upkeep –we at Gunivore are here to help. Before we get into the particulars, every gun owner must ask themselves three questions:

  • How often should my gun be cleaned?
  • Why does it need to be cleaned?
  • How should it be cleaned?
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For answers to these questions and more, check out our feature Gun Grease, Gun Oil and Gun Lube Explained. In short, a well-lubricated and treated gun enables a gun to perform at its best. Over time, a gun’s components can get rusty, dirty, and clogged, but periodic deep cleanings and removing gunk and carbon build-up can restore a weapon to its former glory. Whether you’re a hunter, competition/recreation shooter, or any other type, having a reliable and accurate weapon is a must. However, this necessitates time and effort to be put into your gun –something people too often neglect. There are a lot of great companies on the market producing new and improved oils and lubricants, and M-Pro 7 is one of the best.

I’m a big fan of M-Pro because of their commitment to gun safety and reliability. As a company, they have spent thousands of hours and dollars into equipping and training soldiers and law enforcement with better weapon cleaning materials and training. Coming from a family with a history of military and police service, this commitment means a lot to me. In fact, their devotion to customer satisfaction and betterment can be seen right on their homepage, where they have a section on submitting new ideas and innovations.

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation and improvement are essential to staying at the forefront; no company can afford to just stand on what they’ve already accomplished. Therefore, M-Pro is constantly searching for ways to improve and expand their range of products; you gotta appreciate and respect that. Their collection of advanced weapons maintenance materials has something suitable for all types of shooters with all types of needs. Below, we’ll break down this company and give you the tools necessary to determine if this is the product for you.

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX Review

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil may not be the best gun lube out there, but it definitely ranks towards the top. To say the least, it’s a heavy-duty gun oil with superior staying power and protection against the elements. M-Pro 7 stands out among its competitors due to their notable long term protection abilities. Just a small dab can provide a lasting defense against moisture, salt water, humidity, sand, and the normal wear and tear that a firearm faces. After applying M-Pro 7, a long-lasting protective film barrier remains across the surface which helps repel dust and dirt, and won’t evaporate quickly. This makes it great for long-term gun storage as well as for your run-of-the-mill gun cleaning needs.

One can of M-Pro 7 can theoretically replace all other gun oils and CLP’s (clean, lubricate, protect). I used M-Pro 7 exclusively to care for my KSG and P228 and have no complaints. One of M-Pro 7’s saving graces is its fast-working ingredients; cleaning with M-Pro can significantly cut down maintenance time. Overall, M-Pro 7 is an above average gun oil/lubricant that has lots to offer.

  • Pros: Long-term protection, works fast, honorable company.
  • Cons: Price tag.

Besides for their standard gun oil, M-Pro 7 manufactures a bunch of other good products. Here’s the full list of them; for more information, check out their website products section.

  • M-Pro7 Synthetic Grease
  • M-Pro7 Tactical 3 Gun Kit
  • M-Pro7 Tactical Small Arms Cleaning Kit
  • M-Pro7 Tactical AR Cleaning Kit
  • M-Pro7 Tactical 9mm Pistol Cleaning Kit
  • M-Pro7 BoreSnakes
  • M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner
  • M-Pro7 Bore Gel
  • M-Pro7 Foaming Gun Cleaner
  • M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX
  • M-Pro7 LPX Disposable Packs
  • M-Pro7 Copper Remover
  • M-Pro7 Universal Kit
  • M-Pro7 Soft Tactical Kit
  • M-Pro7 Counter Display
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M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX Ingredients

M-Pro 7 oil was designed with advanced technology in order to make a top-notch oil that won’t run off or evaporate quickly. This heavy duty gun oil is comprised of high quality synthetic oils which combined with its silicon-free composition, effectively prevent gumming and separation. This high-rated company has clearly made it a priority not only to make shooting safer, but also the environment. I’m not one to preach about eco-friendly this or Al Gore that, but nevertheless, I believe it’s important for companies to produce goods that don’t contain harmful chemicals. There is a major difference between supporting Greenpeace and supporting responsible manufacturing. M-Pro 7 found the perfect balance, ultimately creating a lubricant that doesn’t contain hazardous ingredients without compromising efficiency. All of their products are odorless, non-toxic, biodegradable, and can be commercially transported world-wide. What’s really special about M-Pro is that although it’s ammonia-free, it works up to four times faster than your average ammonia-based cleaners.

M-Pro 7 Universal Cleaning Kit Review

M-Pro 7 Universal Cleaning Kit

The M-Pro 7 product line features several cleaning kits, such as the Tactical Small Arms Cleaning Kit and the AR Cleaning Kit, for example. However, their Universal Cleaning Kit is where it’s at. This kit, packaged in a high-quality locking case, was designed for all types of tactical shooters. Inside, you’ll find all the things you might need when cleaning your gun. Every Universal kit includes:

  • 4oz M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner
  • 2oz M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX 2
  • oz M-Pro7 Copper Remover
  • 50 Cleaning patches (.38-.45 Caliber)
  • 1 T-Handle Rod
  • 1 Lint-Free Gun Cloth
  • 5 Assorted Bore Brushes (supports .22 caliber to 12 gauge)
  • 1 Nylon Utility Brush
  • 1 M-16 Chamber Brush
  • 1 Shotgun Brush Adapter
  • 1 .22 Caliber Loop
  • 1 Foam Gun Pad
  • 1 Lockable Gun Case
  • 1 M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance & Product Guide

Where To Buy M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX Cleaning Kit

In general, I don’t like buying anything to do with guns on the internet. Not because of any paranoia, merely out of a desire to speak to professionals. I’ve found that to be an effective weapons reviewer, it’s undeniably important to consult with the folks who deal with the products on a daily basis. Nevertheless, M-Pro 7 products are readily available online by suppliers like Amazon, Brownells, Midway USA, and Optics Planet. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, buying online may be your best option. When that’s not the case, and you’re looking for suggestions or tips, head over to your local sporting goods store. Walmart, Dick’s, and Gander Mountain are all great stores that supply M-Pro products and usually have qualified gun salesmen.

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil vs. Hoppe’s 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s 9 Logo

I’ve been using Hoppe’s ever since I was a little kid, so I might be biased when I say that it’s the gold standard of gun lubricants. Even though M-Pro 7 is a great oil with plenty of redeeming qualities, at the end of the day, it’s hard to match up against a company like Hoppe’s. The only factor which M-Pro might beat out Hoppe’s is with their staying power. Hoppe’s tends to be less expensive, more accessible, and has the proven track record that M-Pro 7 just doesn’t have yet. For a more complete analysis of Hoppe’s lubricating oil, check out our review here.

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil vs. Break Free CLP

Break Free CLP

There are a lot of similarities between M-Pro 7 and Break Free, namely, they both protect well against harsh conditions, last long, and are made of similar synthetic oils with reasonable viscosity. A CLP is supposed to Clean effectively, Lubricate, and Protect the metal components. Break Free CLP has arguably become the standard by which maximum metal performance and protection is ensured. M-Pro 7 has a significantly better flow output, but that can easily be fixed by replacing it with some sort of precision bottle. In fact, Break Free now comes in a spray bottle which makes it easier to get in those tough to reach areas. In a head to head match up, I think Break Free is the clear winner. It’s more affordable, overall probably a better product, and is trusted by the military more than any other CLP.


To close, M-Pro 7 really is a great product made by a great company. Their oils rank among the best, but still have ways to go until they’re #1. I’m a big fan of their ingredients and cleaning kits. In fact, I think the Universal Cleaning Kit is a way better buy than the LPX Gun Oil. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing a gun lubricant; I recommend M-Pro 7 oils for some shooters, but definitely not for everyone.

Thanks for checking out our M-Pro 7 feature! Give our M&P and 500 Magnum reviews a look while you’re here at Gunivore!

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  1. Does LPX oil lift copper fouling? Do you have to scrub a little more?

    How is not for everyone?

    Can you recommend it for cleaning high-round shooting semi-auto guns?

    1. M-Pro has a separate copper remover if you want to get rid of fouling. It should be fine for high-round shooting too.

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