The Kel – Tec KSG shotgun pretty much revolutionized the way we view shotguns. It’s bullpup design gives it a unique look and feel. To be frank this is a very modern piece of weaponry. The KSG shotgun comes with dual piccatinny rails allowing for any number of accessories and overall gun customization. There is one important accessory that has nothing to do with the rails, though. The recoil pad is an add-on that cushions the butt of the gun against the shooters shoulder. The KSG stock butt-pad only cushions so much. If you are looking for a little more comfort buying a slip-on recoil pad may just be what the doctor ordered.

The shooters stance is integral to a confident and accurate shot.  The recoil of any shotgun is powerful. Without the proper stance, the chances of the bullet hitting the mark are not as good. When you plant your feet firmly, and when you have a good grip on your weapon, your shots become that much more accurate and effective. The recoil pad can help with all this.

How to Find Comfort While Shooting

The Famous Frank Pachmayr
The Famous Frank Pachmayr

The way to achieve this stance is, first of all, being comfortable and familiar with your weapon. This comfort is achieved mainly through consistent training, but there is also a basic comfort that can (and should) be part of the weapon to begin with, regardless of range time. For this reason, Pachmayr have produced the Decelerator – a slip-on recoil pad. Frank August Pachmayr  was a gunsmith known throughout the gun community. Although he began building and modifying firearms he soon ventured into rifle accessories. The Pachmayr Decelerator is the top choice for many shooters, amateur and professional alike. It turns the shooting experience to a much more pleasant one. When it comes to shotguns, some of them carry a lot of recoil. The Pachmayr Decelerator is produced in several sizes, in order to accommodate various weapons. It can be installed quickly and easily, and no gun-smithing is required. If you are unsure if a recoil pad is for you this detachable version is perfect for you. Your shoulder will thank you, believe me.

Various Sizes of Pachmayr Decelerator

Pachmayr has released several versions of its recoil pad:

  • Small size, fits stocks 1-1/2″ to 1-5/8″ wide and 4-3/4″ to 4-7/8″ long
  • Medium size, fits stocks 1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″ wide and 5″ to 5-3/16″ long
  • Large size, fits stocks 1-3/4″ to 1-7/8″ wide and 5-3/16″ to 5-7/16″ long

The decelerator is a 1 inch thick pad of rubber goodness. The pad is made out of high quality rubber and comes in either brown or black. It’s curved, cut away sidewalls make it a easy to attach and remove from your shotgun. The additional 1 inch pad improves the shotgun by lengthening the length of pull of the KSG.  It is easy on the shoulders, and with a relatively lightweight shotgun like the Kel–Tec KSG, you need to have that protection. Nobody wants to come home shoulder-bruised from a day at the range, and the recoil pad can help a great deal in relieving the pressure put on the shooter’s shoulders.

Different Fits

The small size slip on pad is large enough for the KSG, and it fits very well. This recoil pad is designed to fit within .050 on an inch on factory stocks. It will enhance the way your weapon looks and feels, and that can certainly improve your shooting experience. Like any other factory-made shotgun stock, the KSG’s stock can become annoying and distracting. It is made from very hard material, and that is not necessarily what you want to be using when you are at the range. Good to know there are alternatives.

Shotguns normally carry more of a punch than any ordinary 5.56 caliber rifle, like an M4 or AK-47. They recoil quite a bit, and because of this you will need a more aggressive stance when firing a shotgun. You want to be in control of the weapon, not the other way around.

Pachmayr Decelerator
Pachmayr Decelerator


Does the Kel-Tec KSG Need a recoil pad?

Initially I decided to not to buy the recoil pad when I bought my KSG. I took it out on many occasions without a problem.  I didn’t get what the big deal was with recoil pads. That was until my buddy brought one out with us one day at the range. He purchased the Decelerator because his shoulder had been bothering him and shooting was not helping. He wasn’t going to stop though so it seemed that a recoil pad was needed. I was curios to give it a try. The nice thing about these pads are that they are removable. This made it easy to install on the butt of my gun. I noticed that it added a bit of length to the gun but it was negligible. I shot off a bunch of rounds and was really surprised at how it absorbed the recoil. It definitely made me rethink what I thought about recoil pads and I was online ordering one that night.


As I mentioned earlier recoil pads can assist in a more comfortable shot. Most shotguns come stock with either polymer or wood butt-ends. Over time these rough materials can start to fatigue and even bruise your arm. It seems like a no brainer then to add a recoil pad. These cushioned additions to your gun can give you an upper hand. They can reduce recoil. This boosts the amount of time you can stay out on the range shooting. They can also minimize muzzle jump which can affect your accuracy. For me shooting should be a comfortable experience. Throughout our lives we focus on finding the most comfortable furniture and shoes, why not guns too? The Decelerator will set you back 20 dollars or so. This is a small investment for something that can have a big impact on your shooting.


Another good investment for your Kel-Tec KSG shotgun is the Magpul Industries Gen II sight set

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